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Thanks to the power of the Internet PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) is one of the fastest growing regenerative cosmeceutical treatments in the world. Harnessing the restorative qualities of blood PRP Therapy is an Anti-Aging treatment, a wound care procedure and a restorative therapy for athletes. At New You we perform the RegenPlasma therapy on our patients to keep them camera and selfie ready.

How Does it Work for Aesthetic Purposes?

prp-torontoRegenPlasma is a regenerative treatment that works to refresh the skin and enhance your natural glow for beautiful results. Using the restorative cells found in blood, PRP Therapy is safe for use by men and women who want to enhance their appearance and skin quality, patients who want to soften and smooth fine lines, and those with deep wrinkles and skin dimpling who want a fuller more contoured look. The patient’s own cells which are extracted at the beginning of the process are applied to the face to produce new skin tissue and bolster the growth of new collagen, for increased elasticity and youthfulness.

The blood which is safely extracted from you at the beginning of the procedure is placed in a special centrifuge, from there the Platelet Rich Plasma is separated and extracted for use in your PRP Therapy. The newly separated PRP is then re-injected into the face and neck to stimulate collagen production and leave the skin looking younger and fresher.

Although PRP Therapy is one of the newest cosmeceutical procedures using blood as part of a beauty treatment dates back past the Victorian Age. Our blood is rich in growth factors that are constantly being restored and grown which produces new skin cells and other cells. As we age our ability to create new cells slows down which leads to decreased collagen production, resulting in wrinkles, sagging or loose skin and lack lustre skin.

New You’s RegenPlasma treatment infuses the patient’s face with a super dose of Platelet Rich Plasma, for wrinkle reduction, skin improvement, and facial contouring, leaving skin with healthy glow.

The Many Beautifying Benefits of RegenPlasma:

  • The Softening and smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles*
  • Deep pockets of wrinkles appear fuller and more plump*
  • Stimulates collagen growth, for natural skin regrowth and renewal*
  • Healthier skin that looks and feels healthier*
  • Results continue to improve over time*
  • Results are natural and gradual, however will vary depending on overall health, age, and genetic disposition*

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PRP Therapy FAQs

Why Should I Choose PRP Therapy?

PRP Therapy is a fabulous Anti-Aging treatment that is safe and non-surgical. The enriched plasma that is used during the procedure is powerful because it contains all the building blocks, nutrients, vitamins, hormones, electrolytes and proteins for beautiful, radiant skin.

What Areas Can I Treat with RegenPlasma?

RegenPlasma™ PRP does not contain any synthetic products and derived from your own unique biological make up. PRP is an ideal skin rejuvenation procedure to treat volume loss in the face, neck, and hands; crepey skin under the eyes and neck, as well as wrinkles, acne scarring, and stretch marks.

How Many PRP Treatments Will I Need?

The treatment strategy for RegenPlasma™ can vary depending on a number of factors. A New You consultant will be happy to discuss treatment options, goals and skin history with you to create a tailored treatment schedule. On average patients receive 1 to 3 treatments spaced several weeks apart.*

How Should I Treat My Skin After PRP Treatment?

After treatment you should drink a lot of water, eat well, and incorporate any recommended skin care program. This will ensure you enjoy optimum results from your PRP treatment.*

How Long is the Treatment, Will I Require A Lot of Recovery Time?

The entire procedure will take less than an hour. After your initial consultation, your blood is drawn and placed in the centrifuge. Once the Platelets have been separated and enriched they are then injected into the treatment area with a very fine needle. PRP Therapy requires no downtime or recovery period because it is non-surgical.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Because the powerful plasma is derived from your own blood, there is almost no risk of allergic reaction with the treatment. However, you do need to disclose all medications you are currently taking, including herbs and supplements.*
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“Cell therapy with RegenPlasma™ allows patients to be treated with sterile materials in safe, secure, and efficient ways. Autologous tissue regeneration, thanks to the growth factors and the stem cells present in the plasma, is the future medicine of the 21st century.” Alan Gondinet, MD.