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Coolsculpting is a process of annihilating the stubborn fat depositions in your body by freezing them. The process is a brand new one and it is totally painless, non-invasive and very effective. To get rid of the persistent fat depositions of your body, we freeze the fat tissues which are then automatically discarded by your body thus providing you with a fit physique.

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Best Solutions for getting rid of the extra body fats

We also offer body sculpting and dual sculpting methods for fat removal. Body sculpting includes weight training and other exercises to remove the extra body fat thus providing you a toned body. Dual sculpting is basically the Coolsculpting procedure but the only difference being two machines connected to your body at the same time.


Use Coolsculpting, dual sculpting or body sculpting, all the methods are efficient and very much helpful in removing your body fat. Get anyone of these and make your body that glamorous look that you always wanted.

Coolsculpting: All you need to know:

  • Freeze your fat to annihilation:

Fat depositions in some areas of your body are so persistent that they do not go away even if you eat healthily and workout on a daily basis. The fat deposits in the love handles and the belly are included in this category. Thus, the options that are left to you include scalpels, needles and are very painful; so choose the Coolsculpting procedure instead to get the best results. Just sit back in your couch, sip some tea and watch your favourite movies, while get your body into a proper shape.

  • Chilling the fats is always the smart move:

Of course, there are several methods of removing excess body fats. You can go for a invasive surgical procedure, laser removal or a fat removal process using the sonic waves but other than removing your body fat it will gift you something else too; it will cause damage to your body while removing the fat cells other than the pain. So you can be sure of one thing that you will have to begging for some downtime once these fat removal processes are finished.

Thankfully, Coolsculpting is there which provides you with an alternative option to get rid of the excess body fat in a non-invasive and painless way. The technique of Coolsculpting is unique as it targets the fat cells under the skin of your body only and freezes them until they get degenerated. The process only targets the fat tissues of your body and does not produce any adverse effect on the surrounding cells of your fat areas. Moreover, this technique does not need to use any scalpels, syringes or any other painful tools to remove the body thus it does not cause any foul scarring on your body.

The only thing that needs to be done is to give your fat cells some cold and they will get discarded automatically by your body. Get your fat cells freezed and wait for the incredible transformation of your body.

  • No need for getting down with downtime:

Most of the fat removal treatment procedures require some time for recovering from the strain of the treatment. Normally, that is something highly inconvenient for you as it requires you take a break from your scheduled works. But with Coolsculpting, you will never have to face such problems and you will be able to incorporate this fat removal process into your busy schedule without any hassle.

You will probably spend at least an hour in the gym; spend it in the Coolsculpting process and witness how your looks change within a month or two. The process does not include any medication or surgical methods and you will be able to feel the difference in your fat level just after one session.

  • What’s next?

Before starting with the process the consultant will come into a concurrence with you on which areas of your body needs to be treated. Once that is decided, the technician will place the device in the right places to start the treatment.

The only sensation that you will have during this treatment is that of the firm pull along with pressure that the device will exert on your body to make sure that the fat cells have freezed perfectly. The treatment does not take more than 60 minutes and that is enough to provide you with everything that you need.

Some facts about Body Sculpting:

Body sculpting is another efficient technique of fat removal and it also does not include use of any syringes, scalpels, lasers or any painful tools. Body sculpting generally includes weight training which helps in providing your body the perfect shape.

Body sculpting is a strength training procedure which combines the cardiovascular conditioning with flexibility by using the dumbbells of 5 pounds only. Body sculpting is highly recommended to those people who are looking for a weight loss training procedure, it is one of the most efficient methods and it is painless too.

Get your fat cells freezed faster with Dual Sculpting process:

Dual sculpting is basically similar to the coolsculpting process as it uses the same device to freeze the fats of your body. A simple difference is there between the Coolsculpting and dual sculpting, and the clue about that difference is given in the name of the process itself.

Yes, as the word ‘dual’ in its name suggests, the process uses two devices instead of one to freeze the fats to the point of their ultimate degradation. The effects and the sensation that you will get during the treatment is also similar to that of the Coolsculpting process.

You can choose the dual sculpting procedure to get your body into the perfect shape like you have always dreamt about. Schedule your appointment now with New You and get best results.

*Individual results may vary.