Fat Cracker™ (also known as Shock Wave Therapy of ESWT) is a great new, revolutionary method of using shockwave technology to reduce fat. These shockwaves are very strong but brief waves of energy faster than the speed of sound.*

Great Results!


Fat Cracker™ is paired with CoolSculpting, and together, these two state-of-the-art technologies may speed fat reduction and provide accelerated results. For treating cellulite, strong sound waves are administered into the skin and fat tissue with this technology. Because of this new treatment system, we are now able to improve the quality of the connecting tissue on the stomach, upper arms, and the cellulite on the legs or elsewhere, very simply, quickly, and smoothly. This technology can even reduce thigh circumference significantly.*

Benefits of Fat Cracker™ Treatment

  • Pain-free and comfortable procedure*
  • Beautiful, long-lasting results*
  • Advanced technology*

Fat Cracker Therapy FAQ

Why you need this therapy?

Fat Cracker is a magical technology that uses shocks to cure the weakness of the connective tissues of the stomach, upper arm, legs and buttocks speedily, moderately and affectively. Rapidly seeming results

Why this is associated with Coolsculpting?

When united with the widely held CoolSculpting procedure, “fat cracking” offers 25% better results and speeds up your fat reduction. Clinically tested with fast, observable results, the name proves whatever it says. Associating the Fat Cracker with CoolSculpting treatments has its own significance. Post treatment, massage sessions are generally performed by nurses with their hands – more actual as the nurses massage the treated area with the Fat Cracking wand.

What is the time process for Fat Cracker Therapy?

On average each cellulite treatment takes about 15 minutes. Contingent on the degree of cellulite, 6 to 10 sessions at 3 to 4 times per week may be necessary.