Lipolaser is Right For You If:

  • You’re looking for a non-surgical method to target in your waste, hips, and thighs*
  • You want to target fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise*
  • You want a firm and toned body*

What is Lipo Laser?


Lipo Laser is a procedure using low level laser to target the hard fat tissue.

Lipolaser only effects the subcutaneous fat cells, and does not affect the neighboring tissues such as skin, blood vessels or peripheral nerves.

It is a brand new and effective way to lose inches with no surgery, side effects or downtime.

Usually a Lipolaser treatment lasts for 30 minutes, 2 treatments per week and 8~10 treatments per month are the recommended maximum amounts.

Lipo Laser is a safer alternative to Liposuction.

It is a brand new and effective way to lose weight without Surgery, side effects and Downtime.

Target Fat Without Going Under the Knife!


Going under the knife to achieve your body goals is one of the most unpleasant and challenging experience you may face. Lipolaser is the prime way to attain the image you are looking for without succumbing to the difficulties of surgery. This is a non-invasive procedure helps you to easily target fat in a safe and painless manner. Lipolaser works by targeting fat in your thighs, hips, and buttocks to firm and reshaped figure.*

Combat Pesky Cellulite, Dimples, Loose Skin, and Irregular Fat Pockets

Target your body’s fat cells using a low-level laser. The laser will work to combat the excess fat cells. As the energy infiltrates the skin, it stimulates the fat cells and causes the fat to liquefy. Afterwards, your body will naturally cleanse your body from the leftover fat. Every session lasts about 30 minutes. The technician will ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable as they use the laser on your chosen target areas.*

What Sets Apart Lipolaser From Other Procedures

The greatest feature of Lipolaser is that unlike other body slimming treatments, Lipolaser does not have an extended period of recovery time. After every treatment, you can continue your daily routine as usual. In addition, you should not expect any side effects such as swelling or discomfort. After a total of six procedures occurring over the course of two weeks is recommended. The purpose of scheduling the sessions so close together is that it prevents the fat from settling and reducing the effectiveness of prior and future treatments.*


How Does it Work?

 Finally, it is always important to understand how procedures work. Lipolaser works by stimulating the fat cells below the skin. Once the fat cells are stimulated, they liquefy into the tissue space until the body disposes of them. The procedure is highly effective on areas that are especially stubborn when it comes to weight loss through exercise. Furthermore, you also shouldn’t expect the treatment to take an extensive amount of time. It is painless, swift, and an extremely effective method to help you attain your goals.*

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