Choose New You For Your 1-Hour WhiteSmile Whitening System

teeth-whitening-torontoOne of the first things that people notice about you is your smile. When you smile, you deserve to feel confident and proud. If you don’t have the bright smile that you’ve always wanted, New You is here to help. With New You’s technology, you may attain the clean bright smile you’ve always wanted. The clinic’s dental experts need just one hour to deliver the outstanding results*

New You Provides Treatments that Whiten Teeth and Improve Oral Health

New You does more than just restore your brilliant smile, but the clinic also improves your oral health in the process. As you age and choose certain lifestyle choices, you can easily compromise the color of your teeth and dental health. This leads your teeth to lack luster and discolor. Choices such as smoking or drinking tea or coffee are sure ways to exacerbate poor appearance of your teeth. New You is proud to offer its premier professional teeth whitening system known as WhiteSmile. WhiteSmile is safe and fast acting. In only a short period of time, WhiteSmile will transform your discolored and dull teeth into a dazzling smile. In addition to looking brighter and better, WhiteSmile also works to help your teeth appear healthier.*

Before & After Examples

teeth-before2 teeth-after2 teeth-before1 teeth-after1

*Individual results may vary.

New You’s Technology is Completely Safe

As with any procedure that you undergo, it is imperative that you are choosing safe and secure solutions. WhiteSmile is a procedure that you can feel confident in undergoing. It is extremely safe and effective. It works by utilizing patented blue light technology that is coupled with special whitening gel that contains only 15% hydrogen peroxide. You should feel little to no discomfort during the procedure. In addition, the procedure is a gentle and soothing. To eliminate irritation, your gums are also protected throughout the procedure. Due to the care and consideration taken during the procedure, WhiteSmile is considered to be the superior means of whitening teeth and the prime alternative to other methods utilized by New You’s competitors. During the procedure, your knowledgeable dental professional will administer the treatment.*

New You’s Teeth Whitening Process Delivers Long Term Results*

After you choose New You, you’ll find that all other teeth whitening solutions to be inadequate in comparison. New You is highly regarded in the teeth whitening industry for its ability to provide the most enduring and long-lasting results in whitening client’s teeth. The clinic also has a policy of not using any harsh or irritating whitening methods that will harm the teeth and the gums. Moreover, the procedure’s implemented by the firm last much longer than DIY procedures. While doing it yourself may less costly, it provides subpar results. If you are going to whiten your teeth, you at least deserve to have that glimmering smile that you’ve always wanted. At New You, the general cost is only $199, compared to other procedures that cost upwards of $600.* Schedule your appointment now and get best results of 1-Hour WhiteSmile Whitening treatment.