Why choose “New You”:

  • New You has performed over 250,000 treatments to date, making us the largest and the most trusted provider of Laser Hair Removal
  • Newest 2016 4-in-One Technology that beats all Laser devices on the market. For the same price you pay for waxing you can be hair free and care free.
  • We also offer Multiple Laser Technologies for personalized hair removal:
  • 2016 VENUS VERSA IPL Hair Removal is fast, effective and virtually pain free, with no side effects and no downtime. For the same price you pay for waxing you can be hair free and care free. No ingrown hair and no stubble.
  • 4-Stage Newest Laser Finally is here… By far the most diverse, powerful technology, uniting in a single device 4 different wave lengths to treat any colour of hair and skin in less time and no pain.
  • The VECTUS Laser featuring the integrated Skintel Melanin reader offering optimized hair removal treatments tailored to your skin type, lifestyle, and ethnicity. Dark skin, light skin, tanned skin.*
  • We Offer Try Before You Buy Treatments!


There are 3 different laser wavelengths to permanently* remove hair: Alexandrite, Diode and Yag.

But each concentrates ONLY on ONE skin type. Our system has each one separately, and also a combination of all three so we can absolutely treat all skin types safely*.

Blending the three types of wavelengths all-in-one Laser Device gives us the only 4-stage Laser hair removal on the market.

New You is thrilled to be the first Clinics in Canada to introduce a New 4-in-1 laser hair removal treatment that works on all skin of all ethnicities! This is by far the most diverse, powerful technology, uniting in a single device 3 different wave lengths to treat any color of hair and skin in less time and no pain with the only in the industry LIFETIME GUARANTEE*

Benefits WAXING Laser Hair Removal
Hair Types Most All
Skin Types Some All
Pain Yes No
Permanent No Yes
Regrowth Yes 80% hair is gone with every visit
Frequency Every 2-3 weeks Hair free in 6 months
Cost Pay every visit One Time Fee


You May Want to Consider Laser Hair Removal If:

  • You have disturbing hair that is long and/or difficult to remove by shaving or waxing*
  • You want to enjoy a silky-smooth skin in less time and less money on regular maintenance*
  • You want to remove the hair with less pain than other non-permanent treatments such as waxing*

Vectus Laser

Vectus-laserThe highest-quality and newest technology in laser hair removal since 2013 is the Vectus hair removal laser. This is the fastest model of hair removal laser available on the market including the latest technology. The Vectus is stronger than its competitors and it offers the best laser hair removal experience available.*

laser-hair-removal-torontoIt is the best machine in the industry and the most powerful, and it ensures the best possible laser hair removal experience with the lowest amount of pain possible, and is fully customizable to your needs*..

The Vectus Laser also adapts to the widest variety of skin-tones and types, and can be sized up or down to focus on tiny spots or large spots that need to be treated. This machine can be used on men and women, and works on all types and strengths of hair follicles. The Vectus is also the most painless machine on the market, as it keeps the skin it is treating cool during the treatment for the utmost comfort.*

Advanced Technology of Laser Hair Removal

Advanced cooling technology protects the area that is being treated and keeps the customer’s skin cool and comfortable throughout the treatment process. The Vectus also has technology that allows laser hair removal technicians to adjust the laser quickly to fit the individual needs of their patients, who may need different strengths depending on skin type, ethnicity and lifestyle. For example, if a patient has fair skin, the laser will need to be adjusted differently than it would need to be for a person with tan or very dark skin. This is because every individual person has a different degree of melanin in their skin. The more melanin that a person has, the darker their skin is. This customization also reduced the possibility of over-treating a patient’s skin.*

Superior Quality and Comfort

With new and revolutionary hair-removal technologies, you can get the laser aesthetics you value without sacrificing your comfort. These hair removal lasers epitomize the new age of technology and make laser hair removal accessible and approachable to even the most squeamish of patients. These new lasers are so fast that you will hardly even notice that they are there and removing the hair follicle before the procedure is over and you are on your way home with smooth and silky skin.*

New hair removal lasers have been so successful that they have even received excellent reviews from clients. With technology so superior, there is little need to fear laser hair removal any more. The new lasers have been created with individuality in mind, so when you go in to the office to get laser hair removal, you are getting a treatment that has been customized to suit your particular hair, skin, and lifestyle. You will not have to worry about being over-treated or under-treated.*

The new technology offers a new level of comfort for those who are undergoing treatment. The Vectus Laser is equipped with technology that cools the skin and also coagulates the hair follicle much more quickly and more deeply without the need for several passes, which was cause of pain involved in this process in the past.*

Over the years, laser hair removal technologies have made leaps and bounds in improving the comfort, quality, and overall satisfaction offered by the service and the professionals who use them. New generations and models of lasers are continually being developed and produced offering low-cost alternatives to traditional treatment.*

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal

1. Where on my body can I get laser hair removal treatment done?

Laser hair removal can be treated nearly anywhere on the body, including males and females. It may be done on large areas such as the legs, arms, chest, back, and stomach, and on on smaller, more delicate areas, like the bikini area, upper lip, chin, and nearly anywhere else. Laser hair removal can treat a full range of hair and skin types.*

2. Why is laser hair removal better than other methods?

Shaving and waxing are the typical ways of removing unwanted hair. People often also pluck unwanted hairs or use depilating cream. All of these traditional methods offer only temporary relief from stubborn, unwanted hair which can be frustrating and can add up to a major cost over a person’s lifetime. The only way of removing hair until now has been by electrolysis, but was very time-consuming and limited to only small areas since each individual hair required individual treatment. Now, however, laser hair removal technology is able to safely remove unwanted hair in a non-invasive way, without damaging the skin and the delicate pores. Laser hair removal is now very fast, even compared to traditional hair-removal practices like shaving and waxing. Small areas, like the bikini zone, and areas of the face can be done in one session, in a very short time.*

What makes laser hair removal so much more efficient, safe, and comfortable than electrolysis is it targets a large number of individual hair follicles at one time. This means a larger area can be treated at one time more quickly. Laser hair removal patients typically see a significant reduction in growth of unwanted hair after only one session.*

If you, like most of us, hate constantly having to shave, wax, pluck, or use harmful chemicals on your skin, laser hair removal may be best for you.*

3. How does laser removal work and is it safe?

Lasers have been around for many years in the medical community, used for treating painful and unsightly veins in the legs and face, as well as for the treatment of age spots, discoloration, and wrinkles. The laser that is used in laser hair removal is a pulsating beam of light customized to your needs and your individual skin type. The beam of light passes through your skin and reaches the hair follicle just underneath. The beam is then absorbed by the melanin of the skin, which is the aspect of skin and hair that gives it its pigmentation. This is how the laser targets the hair follicle safely for the rest of the area that is not intended to be treated with the laser.*

You will also be given protective glasses to protect your eyes from the bright light of the laser. A cooling gel, like the type of gel used in giving ultrasounds, will be spread over the portion of skin that is to be treated. The doctor will then hold the laser hand piece on the skin and deliver the pulses of light which will target the unwanted hair.*

4. How many laser hair removal treatments are needed?

Because hair grows in cycles, the laser will affect the hair follicles in the treated area at different points in the follicles’ growth cycles. The laser can only effectively treat hair that is in its active growth cycle. At any point in time, you will have some hairs in the correct phase of the growth cycle for treatment and some that are not. What this means is treatment at appropriate intervals will be necessary to achieve the best possible results. This affects the number of treatments required. Based on your skin, hair color, and coarseness of hair, multiple treatments may or may not be needed.*

Laser hair removal reduces the hair growing in one area, but since hair grows in three phases, and each hair goes through the phases independently of each other, it is very unlikely that one laser treatment will treat all of the follicles in one area. After one year following laser hair removal the reduction in hair remains fairly stable in patients. Several treatments are recommended to achieve desired results.*

5. Will it work on my skin type and with my hair type?

Although the best results from laser hair removal tend to be achieved on darker, courser hair, a number of different factors play a role in determining how effective the treatment will be for you. Come in for a free consultation where we may answer this question thoroughly by doing an individual evaluation, in person. The treatment results do vary from person to person, and typically the treatment begins with trimming the hair away from the area that is going to be treated with the laser.*

6. How does laser hair removal compare to other hair removal methods?

Waxing, shaving, plucking, and depilatory cream all require regular maintenance. Each of these methods may be painful or costly and can quickly add up over the years. Laser hair removal is a cost effective way to reduce unwanted hair in the long run.*

7. What exactly is the treatment?

The process varies based on the amount of hair and the size of the area you wish to treat. The procedure also varies from patient to patient based on preferences. You will be given safety glasses to protect your eyes from the bright laser during treatment. A small hand piece is used to deliver pulsing light to the area. This is the part where most patients experience a small degree of discomfort at the site being treated. This degree of discomfort varies from person to person, depending on the person’s sensitivity. Sometimes topical anesthesia is offered to those patients with highly sensitive skin, and your specialist will discuss this option during the consultation before treatment begins. The time of the treatment may be very fast but depends on the size and number of areas being treated. After treatment you will be able to resume your normal activities immediately without disruption. The areas treated may become temporarily red and may last a few minutes or several days depending on the degree of skin sensitivity.*

8. Are there any restrictions on my activity after treatment?

After the procedure, you can resume your normal day-to-day activities. You can return to work and daily life as usual and keep in mind some redness may be seen temporarily in the treated area and last a few minutes or days, depending on skin sensitivity.*

9. What precautions should be observed before and after the treatment?

Before going in to you laser hair removal appointment, it is important to stop plucking and waxing hairs for several weeks so the lasers can operate at their highest level of efficiency to target hair follicles. There are a wide variety of lasers suiting different skin colors and types, including fair skin, tan skin, and very dark skin.*

We will help customize a treatment plan that works for you and estimate how many treatments you will likely need to receive. By working with an experienced laser hair removal technician, you can get the most out of your experience.*