Consider Getting Laser Vein Removal If:

  • You have unsightly spider veins on your face and body you would like removed
  • You are looking for a treatment to remove the spider veins quickly without downtime
  • You want skin to appear smoother and more youthful*

Choose New You for Laser Vein Removal

laser-vein-removal-torontoIt is important to find a laser vein removal clinic that is reputable and that has helped many people to successfully improve their skin quality and quality of life through laser vein removal. You can even pair your laser vein removal treatment with other treatments such as laser hair removal, which will go one step further in helping your skin look as smooth and as young as possible*.

Call today to schedule an appointment to receive laser vein removal treatments, and make sure to ask about other services!

Don’t put off removing those unsightly veins any longer!

Both men and women experience spider veins on the face and legs at some point in life, and they can be a very unattractive nuisance. Spider veins are a particular type of vein that appear in small clusters of purple and red veins. These clusters are visible on the legs, and may occur anywhere from the upper thigh to the ankles. They also appear on the face occasionally. There are many factors that can make a person more likely to develop these clusters of spider veins. These factors include prolonged smoking, alcohol use or prolonged standing or walking. They can also be caused by genetic traits, major changes in environmental conditions, and by hormonal changes as you age. Luckily, with only a few laser treatments, these clusters of spider veins can be removed without causing any damage to the skin in the area.*

How Laser Vein Removal Works

Two methods are used in the removal of spider veins. These two methods are: Laser Treatment and IPL Photo rejuvenation. For larger veins on the face and legs, laser treatment will be used over two to three sessions. After these two to three sessions, the unwanted veins are removed, and you will not have to think of them again*. This laser treatment works in a precise way by delivering a measured dose of energy through a hand piece. The beam of pulsing light, or laser, is customized to fit your specific skin type and needs in order to avoid over or under treating the area. The laser is delivered to the vein, which causes the blood in that vein to coagulate due to the thermal energy of the laser, and then the coagulated blood in that vessel eventually, gradually, absorbs into your body.*