Our team of medical experts at New You gives our clients the best, newest, and most state-of-the-art skin treatment procedures and programs, all in a peaceful, spa-like environment.

Healthy, Great Looking Skin With Medical Grade Peels

medical-peels-torontoHaving perfect, glowing, and youthful looking skin is not impossible anymore, even if you don’t have it naturally! At New You, we are able to provide our clients with the gorgeous skin that they’ve always desired and envied, by using our medical grade facial peels and treatments. With therapeutic treatments, we can offer you a brand new way of improving the quality of aged skin, scarred skin, and sun damage or over pigmentation. Our medical grade facial peel can gently exfoliate your skin, cleanse it, and also clear your pores and replenish moisture. After receiving the treatment, you will see a noticeable improvement in the look of fine lines, rough spots on the skin, scars, sun damage, dark spots, and large or clogged pores. Your skin will not only look healthy and clear, but you will also look years younger*!

Get a Specialized Treatment Program

Our professional technicians can create a specialized treatment program just for you and your skin!

Our talented professionals at New You can custom build a facial peel that perfectly suits your needs and skin type. We do not simply provide one universal treatment program for all of our clients. We know that no two of our clients are the same, and no two need the same exact treatment plan. We have a broad range of peels, including TCA (Trichloroacetic acid), which is used primarily for fine lines and surface blemishes; Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acid peels, known as AHA, or Alphahydroxy acids; the powerful Obagi peel that treats acne and acne scars, and the Green Peel, which is useful in treating skin imperfections without the use of harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. In addition to all of these amazing facial peel treatments, our clinic also offers a range of exfoliating procedures and facial peels that help treat varying levels of skin damage and all different skin types and colors.

Our clinic offers many different treatments, so you can custom-build a treatment plan based on your skin!

In addition to the regular facial peels, we also provide our clients treatments masks options that brighten the skin and also help treat over-sensitive skin conditions. We also have detox gels that aid in the treatment of oily skin, and detox gels that are more focused on normal or sensitive skin. No matter what type of skin you have, we will be able to offer you a treatment plan that will greatly improve the texture of your skin and help get you closer to your goal of healthy, smooth, and glowing skin.

Our clinic has the perfect peel or treatment solution for all of your complexion complaints!

To ensure that you get the best treatment for your skin care needs, our technicians and consultants will meet with you individually and explain all of the possible options in order to figure out the best program for your needs and skin care goals. If what you want is a quick peel, our consultant will go over every detail and help you schedule a time that is perfect for you to have your appointment. Quick peels can be done in just fifteen to twenty minutes, and after treatment, you may or may not see some inflammation, reddening, minor peeling, or some minor irritation. The beautiful results will be well worth the wait! After just a short few days, you will see the beautifully smooth and youthful skin that you desire. Call today to discover your new, fresh look!

Call us today to talk to one of our expert consultants and schedule an appointment to have a medical grade chemical peel, or have all of your questions about our other procedures answered!

Chemical Peels FAQ

What Is a Medical Grade Chemical Peel?

This type of peel consists of a technician administering a special chemical solution that will eliminate the old and dying outer layer of skin. The peel reveals smoother skin, and improves the overall quality and texture while giving you a more youthful appearance. These peels are also called “lunch-hour peels,” because they are so quick to perform, and could even be done over a lunch break. They are done primarily on the face, neck, and hands, where people most commonly suffer from darks spots, lines, deeper wrinkles, and other imperfections. Medical grade peels are also great for improving the appearance of acne and scars.

How Long Does a Treatment Take?

These peels are very quick, which gives them the nickname of “lunch-hour peels,” since they only take about fifteen to twenty minutes.

What Kind of Peel Should I Get?

Meeting with an expert consultant at New You is a crucial first step in completing your treatment program. You and your consultant will go over all of the details and all of your questions, and you will decide on the best type of treatment that will provide your skin with the best results possible.

Is There Any Downtime?

The procedures require very little to no downtime. You typically will not need to take any recovery time, but depending on the type and extent of the peel that you receive, there may be minimal redness and irritation the day that you receive the peel. You may also see some minor peeling, depending on your skin sensitivity. If this occurs, it will most likely begin two to four days after the peel, and it will most likely last about three days*. Additionally, you might notice slight itching or minor irritation.

Green Peel FAQs

How does Green Peel® work?

The Green Peel® Herbal Deep Peeling Treatment is a mix of herbs and natural plants that are highly effective in the treatment of skin conditions. It does not include any irritating chemicals.

This type of peel improves the circulation of blood in the skin and makes the outer layers of old and damaged skin peel off. The increased circulation of blood improves the metabolism of the skin and makes the skin healthier and younger-looking.

The peel is harmless and does not have side effects. If the mixture of herbs and plants comes into contact with your eyes, it does not cause irritation or cause pain.

How Will My Skin Look After the Treatment?

After your treatment, you skin might look slightly red and some minor itching and irritation may occur, which is like a very mild sunburn.

After 3 or 4 days, the skin that has been exfoliated will begin to slough off. You can go about your normal activities and do not need to take any time off*.

After 4 or 5 days, you will have a follow up treatment, and the technician will use a specially formulated preparation to massage your skin. The skin after treatment is very receptive and absorbent, so this preparation can work to effectively treat the skin deeply. No redness will be present on the newly revealed skin, and your skin will look fresh, clean, and glowing.

How Does the Green Peel Cause Skin to Peel Without the Use of Chemical Agents?

When the mixture is administered to the skin, the special herbs particles gently scrub and polish the outer layers of skin. This process is called epidermis removal. Then, other active ingredients included in the herbal compound are able to absorb deep into the skin within 48 hours. After they have been fully absorbed, these ingredients release substances like plant hormones, vitamins, and enzymes, which are very valuable. These absorbed ingredients are beneficial because they improve the circulation of blood, speeds the skin’s metabolism, and helps the skin become healthier and renewed.