You should consider IR Skin Resurfacing if:

  • You need a painless treatment option with very little downtime afterwards.
  • You need a treatment procedure that can produce results in many different areas, such as the neck, jaw, and jowls, as well as the upper arms and stomach areas.
  • You desire firmer, fuller skin that is less wrinkled and lined.

Get the Youthful, Tight Skin That You Deserve and Desire With IR Skin Resurfacing!

IR-Skin-Resurfacing-torontoAnyone who wants an overall firmed look to their skin, and a look that has restored volume and youthful softness, should consider IR Skin Resurfacing as a fantastic option.

The treatment consists of Infrared light being delivered into the deep layers of the skin, and as a result, the soft tissue naturally coagulates due to the column of heat produced by the light. The area around the targeted area will then begin to reform the collagen within the skin, which will ultimately leave you with fuller, suppler, and smoother skin that appears much younger.

Lines And Wrinkles Will Vanish With This Amazing Technology*!

We use this fantastic new technology because it gives our clients the most superior results. While many skin treatments in this category use a bulk form of treatment, where a lot of light is delivered all at once in one big beam, this technology delivers Infrared energy in much smaller beams. The handheld device that is used, called the Palomar Lux Fractional Infrared Handpiece, splits up the light beams, which results in a much quicker recovery time for clients. This is because the smaller beams of light affect smaller areas at any one time. The process is safer and causes less discomfort than the other form, and it still delivers the smooth, beautiful results that you want*!

Produce More of Your Own Natural Collagen to Make the Skin More Firm and Smooth

You can expect to see great results after your very first treatment, but for long-lasting results, patients typically need to receive at least six individual sessions. These individual sessions are given at intervals of 2 weeks*. Once you’ve received a set of six treatments, usually you will be able to reduce the number of treatments to once a month in order to maintain the wonderful results*. The treatment utilizes a technology called the LuxIR, which includes a complete cooling system. This provides comforting coolness to the patient before each light pulse, as well as during and after the light pulses. This results in the patient experiencing very little discomfort during treatment*.

Since we use fractured light beams instead of one single large beam of light, more of the surrounding skin and underlying tissue is left unaffected, and the healing process is much faster. Patients are able to return to their daily normal activities immediately after treatments, although some redness, warmth, and increased tightness are to be expected.

Age Slower And Turn Back the Hands of Time by Getting an IR Resurfacing Treatment Now!

Living forever and remaining young forever is only a fantasy, but with the technology used in these treatments, you can certainly slow down the hands of time and maintain a youthful appearance for longer*. This is because the handheld device stimulates the deep skin layers, where collagen then begins to rebuild and re-sculpt itself, which will give you the youthful look of smooth skin, without the signs of aging like skin sagging, thinness, and wrinkles.

This treatment can even be used on many different parts of the body that can be affected by the visible signs of aging, like the jawline, stomach, and areas around the butt and upper thighs. Another common area that is treated with this procedure is the upper arms.

Regain your smooth and beautiful skin!

About the Treatment: How Does It Work?

The Palomar LuxIR Fractional™ Infrared Hand-piece sends fractional beams of infrared light into the deep-down layers of the skin, which causes the natural collagen in your skin to begin the natural healing process of remodeling a reforming. This natural substance fills in lines and lifts up the skin for an all-over youthful and renewed look.

How Is It Different From Other Treatments?

Instead of using a single large beam of light, which can cause damage to the surrounding skin and tissue, we use fractional beams of light. The hand-held device that is used in this treatment sends many smaller beams of light into the deep layers of the skin. Each one of these small infrared beams makes a heated column within the skin. The unaffected around this targeted area then stimulates the collagen to heal and rebuild faster.

Is This Treatment Safe? Does It Hurt?

The LuxIR Fractional treatment is less painful and much more safe than the treatments that use the single large beam of light because it does not cause harm to the area surrounding the treatment area.

This treatment also uses an advance cooling system, which works to cool the skin before and throughout the treatment process, making the comfort level much higher and making the treatment much less painful overall.

What Can I Expect From Treatment?

After treatment, you might experience some heat or redness, as well as increased tightening of the skin in the area. These effects will fade within just a few hours of treatment. Since a lot of skin is left untreated and is not reached by the light pulses, the healing process is very fast. You can typically expect to return to work or your other normal activities immediately, with no downtime*.

You may need to receive a series of treatments to achieve optimal effects from the treatment. These treatments are given 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Can I Get Other Treatments in Combination With Palomar Technology?

You can receive amazing results from just the first treatment session, but you will likely want to do six sessions to ensure long-lasting fantastic results*. The first treatment, the following treatments are recommended to be done every two weeks. After those initial six treatments, it is recommended that you continue follow-up treatments once a month.

You can also pair other treatments with the Palomar treatment. LuxIR has several other complementary treatments, like permanent hair reduction therapies and photo-facial procedures that treat skin imperfections like acne, sunspots, unsightly veins and more.