Non-Surgical Facelift is Right for People Who:

  • You desire a treatment that utilizes the technology of infrared laser light that cause natural collagen in the skin to firm and add volume to the skin.
  • You want a more youthful appearance again and you want to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines.
  • You want to reveal your young skin without having surgery.
  • You want a procedure that is safe and requires very little downtime while providing immediate results.

non-surgical-facelift-torontoDuring the natural aging process, the skin can begin to sag and droop due to the effects of gravity. This causes fine lines and larger or deeper wrinkles. As we age, other signs of aging can also appear on our skin, such as broken blood vessels or capillaries, dark spots, varicose veins, and other marks.

If you want to restore your youthful appearance but don’t want to undergo an invasive surgical facelift, this treatment is just the right solution for you. This high-tech treatment uses infrared light to stimulate the collagen in your skin with beams of heat. The collagen rebuilds and restructures itself as part of the natural healing process, which gives you a naturally fuller looking appearance.

Make All of Those Lines and Wrinkles Disappear by Stimulating the Collagen in Your Skin*

This innovative technology can make your wrinkles disappear by signaling the natural collagen production in your skin to increase, which results in firmer skin that looks more youthful*.

Many skin treatments that use infrared technology use only one big beam of infrared light. However, out method of using fractured light beams is superior in that the handheld device splits up the beams of light into lots of smaller ones that are more precise. The beams work in essentially the same way, but they work more exactly and do not affect as much of the area surrounding the target area, so the healing time is much faster. The tissue surrounding the treated tissue increases collagen production, and old collagen is remodeled, which gives you a desirable youthful appearance with fullness and smoothness.

Minimize Recovery Time With Innovative Infrared Fracturing Technology

The recovery time is greatly minimized with this treatment because of the fractioning method used to deliver the beams of light. The device used also includes an advanced cooling feature that cools the skin throughout the treatment process, which makes the entire thing much more comfortable and limits the amount of pain that is felt during and after treatment.

Lingering pain that remains after the treatment typically disappears within a couple of hours, as does any lingering warmth in the area. Patients who receive this treatment can usually return to work or to their other normal activities without having to take time off for recovery. You can see significant results after just your first treatment, but six treatments are recommended for longer-lasting results*. These six treatments are done at two-week intervals, and after those six, monthly appointments are enough to maintain the youthful results*.

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About the Treatment: How Does It Work?

The Palomar LuxIR Fractional™ Infrared handheld device sends beams of infrared light into the deep layers of skin. These beams make the soft tissue in the area coagulate, which causes the collagen within the skin to rebuild and increase production. The increased and rebuilt collagen lifts up wrinkles and tightens the skin overall*.

How Is It Different From Other Treatments?

While other treatments use a single big beam of infrared light to achieve results, the LuxIR device, which is what we use in this treatment, approaches things differently by using many tiny beams of light instead. Every infrared beam creates the same type of heated column as the large beam does, but the small beams leave a larger amount of the outside area unaffected, which cuts down the healing time significantly.

Does It Hurt? Is the Treatment Safe?

This method is much safer than the method of using one large beam of light, because the fractional, small beams leave much more skin unaffected. This method also makes the treatment much less painful in general.

What Will Happen After Treatment?

After treatment, some remaining warmth or tingling is to be expected. You can also expect to see some mild redness, and the skin may feel temporarily tighter than usual. Since the beams of light are smaller and more skin is left untouched, the healing process is very quick. You can expect to return to your daily activities immediately without downtime.

You may need to receive a series of six individual treatments at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks for optimal results*.

Can I Receive Other Treatments in Combination with the Non-Surgical Facelift?

Although wonderful results can be reached with one session, at least six treatments are recommended in order to get long-lasting results*. These six treatments are usually preformed at intervals of two weeks. After the first six treatments, it is recommended that patients receive treatments once a month in order to maintain the youthful-looking, fresh and renewed skin.