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Non-invasive treatment method for lifting skin of the neck, as well as the brow and chin areas, Ultherapy utilizes ultra-focused ultrasounds to produce new, natural collagen deep underneath the skin over a period of time.*

*Individual results may vary.

The Benefits of Ultherapy Include:

  • Noticeable results over time without invasive surgery*
  • A single treatment takes only one hour*
  • No downtime is required with this method of treatment*
  • More than 100,000 Ultherapy treatments performed worldwide*

Other Major Benefits of Ultherapy Include:

ultherapy-torontoUltherapy ultrasound technology is a non-surgical, completely non-invasive treatment that uses your body’s own naturally produced healing process to produce collagen. This new collagen lifts, tones, and tightens skin on the face, improving the appearance of wrinkles and other areas of concern. Ultherapy is the only type of cosmetic procedure harnessing the power of ultrasound images. This technology lets technicians see deep into the layers of tissue targeted during treatment ensuring energy is delivered precisely where it will be most productive in treatment.*

Surgical facelifts and other plastic surgeries are always an option if you are looking to appear younger and renewed, but many people find that they are simply not ready for such a drastic step and instead want a non-surgical facelift alternative offering great results. Gravity affects our faces as we age and one of the first signs of gravity taking effect is the eyebrows begin to descend. Ultherapy combats gravity by lifting the brow reducing the amount of excess skin that has drooped onto eyelids. This opens up the eyes and gives the face a renewed and refreshed look.*

Patients usually experience results quickly and best results take place several months following treatment. During that time new collagen is produced and replaces the old, degraded collagen. As this process continues over months, better, fresher results may appear as far as 6 months after treatment. Patients may enjoy fresh new collagen being produced over a year after they receive the procedure. After 12 months, touch-ups and follow-up treatments are often recommended to keep up with the natural aging process. The frequency of these touch-ups varies with each individual and each individual’s skin condition. Ultherapy is used in conjunction with other treatments, such as lasers, to specifically address more superficial layers.*

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*Individual results may vary.

Ultherapy FAQ

What Exactly is Ultherapy?

It is the only non-invasive therapy that is approved by the FDA for the purpose of lifting skin on the brow, as well as the chin and neck areas. Ultherapy utilizes the power of ultrasound technology to tighten loosened skin and tighten it back to a more youthful appearance, without the need for downtime.

Is the Ultherapy Treatment Safe?

Over 100,000 Ultherapy treatments have been safely performed all over the world. Additionally, the energy of ultrasound and this technology has been used for over 50 years.*

How Many Treatments Are Recommended?

Most patients need just one Ultherapy treatment and some patients benefit from more than one. This depends on their body’s biological response to ultrasound and how their body naturally builds collagen.*

How is This Treatment Different From Others?

Ultherapy is different from other cosmetic procedures because it is the only non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that uses ultrasound to encourage growth of new, natural collagen within the patients’ skin. This production takes place over time, so the results from treatment grow more apparent over 3 to 6 months. The treatment procedure itself usually takes just 60 minutes, and no downtime is necessary afterwards. Ultherapy is also the only treatment that uses ultrasound imaging. This allows the technicians and doctors to see into the targeted tissue and deposit energy exactly where it will be most effective.*

Does Ultherapy Treatment Hurt?

There is a recent upgrade to the software, called “Ultherapy Amplifier”. This upgrade now makes the procedure more comfortable, although comfort thresholds and sensitivity varies from person to person. If the patient does become uncomfortable during Ultherapy treatment, it typically will happen when the ultrasound energy is delivered. The sensation this step causes is a positive sign because it means the collagen production process has begun. The sensation is only temporary. We go to great lengths to make sure the treatment is as pleasant for our patients as possible, customizing treatment based on comfort management protocol. Typically, patients are comfortable and excited about the possible Ultherapy results to come.*

How Long Do the Results Last?

People who received Ultherapy treatment are still producing new, fresh collagen after one year following treatment. However, skin continues to age, so touch-ups and future follow-up appointments are recommended to help keep up with the skin’s natural aging process. The speed at which this aging process takes place varies with each individual patient.*

What Are the Side Effects of Ultherapy?

Slight redness may occur for an hour or so after the treatment takes place. A small percentage of people experience minor swelling, tingling or pain to the touch, but these side effects are mild and temporary.*

Is Ultherapy Expensive?

Ultherapy costs between $1,000 and $5,000. The price varies depending on the areas being treated. The pricing of Ultherapy represents something between skin treatments and surgery.*

Am I a Good Candidate to Get Ultherapy?

A person who is a great candidate for Ultherapy treatment is a person with skin that feels and looks less firm than it once did. Lowered eyebrows and/or sagging skin drooping onto the eyelids is a good example of maturing skin that would benefit from the therapy. Skin under the neck that has loosened is also a sign of a good candidate. Usually, people in their 30s or older and have mild to moderate skin looseness are good candidates for the treatment. Ultherapy does not replace surgical face lifts, but there are many people who would like to lift sagging skin on their face without having major, invasive surgery. Younger people who are looking to get ahead of gravity’s effects and those who want to prolong the look of their cosmetic surgeries may also consider Ultherapy.*

What is Collagen, and How Does Ultherapy Work With It?

Collagen gives skin its youthfulness and keeps it firm and full. It is a naturally-occurring protein made by your body. But during the natural aging process, collagen begins to lose the battle against gravity and degrade over time. The skin begins to sag and pull downward. This is where Ultherapy comes in. The ultrasound technology of Ultherapy generates thermal energy underneath the skin, which starts a repair process in your skin. This repair process produces new, fresh collagen, and it also strengthens existing collagen.*

Can it Be Used on Other Body Parts, Other Than the Face and Neck?

Ultherapy is currently only a treatment for the face and neck. It is specifically indicated for lifting the skin of these locations, specifically the neck, chin and brow.*

Can Men Get Ultherapy?

Absolutely! Men and women both use Ultherapy.

Where Can I Have It Done?

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