When it comes to new technology, in the medical aesthetic industry, this is the age of innovation. There are “new products”, “advanced procedures” , “the latest thi” and “the greatest that” – but only one can be the “first”.

Meet Venus Viva

Venus-vivaFor reducing facial folds, deep lines and wrinkles; for re-surfacing and restoring skin tone and texture; for tightening loose skin around the jowls, chin, neck and décolleté, Venus Viva is the first to combine Nano Fractional Radio Frequency™ with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and SmartScan™ technology.

That’s a whole lot of science…for a whole lot of results. Being first has its advantages and New You offers it to you right here, right now.

What Unique Benefits does Venus Viva Offer?

With its patented technology, Venus Viva penetrates deeper, covers more area and is able to address multiple concerns in the same treatment session. Permeating heat and energy through several layers of skin, Venus Viva stimulates your tissue to contract and produce new collagen*, the natural protein that restores a smooth, firm youthfulness to your skin*.

Your appearance is instantly rejuvenated – and maintained – with a supple radiance, a refreshed glow. Our patients love it.

Perhaps the most exciting feature, that makes Venus Viva so popular with New You‘s experts and patients alike, is its unique customization. This is the first and only non-invasive, aesthetic device that allows the physician, rather than the product, to control the treatment to your specific needs and preferences*.

The intensity, pace and depth of penetration is personal to achieve your desired results*. Comfortably. Safely. Completely.

How Long Does a Treatment Take? What Will I Feel?

Venus Viva is as powerful as it is versatile. With its higher level of penetration, the time of treatment is lower; one full area may be completed in about 15 minutes. If you’d like to do more, the time may be extended. Or you may schedule several short sessions over a lunch break, on your way to the gym or an early dinner date…it’s the joy of customization.

Venus Viva treatments have the added distinction of providing minimal downtime and minimal discomfort*. With a light topical anesthesia, the process may be totally pain-free and any redness is, usually, resolved within a day or two*. With immediate, long-lasting and maximum results, this is the joy of putting our patients first.

How It Works

  • Venus Viva Treatment Simulation
    • Venus Viva Treatment Simulation

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Before and After*

venus-viva-before-after-1 venus-viva-before-after-4

venus-viva-before-after-2 venus-viva-before-after-3


*Individual results may vary.