Fatigue Joint Pain

Unfortunately, we have all experienced pain, whether it was temporary or chronic, mild or severe we have all suffered through an injury. This can be further exacerbated by chronic fatigue and an overall sense of being rundown or tired.

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What Causes Joint Pain?

Joint pain can have many possible causes. The reason for your joint discomfort can be as simple as a sprain, or your joint pain may seemingly arise out of nowhere. For some people, cold or wet weather is a trigger. Whatever the cause of your joint pain, we have treatment options that can provide relief.

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What Causes Joint Pain?

Most joint pain is the result of overuse or injury. Even if you don’t overextend your joints, repetitive motions – like typing on a keyboard or swinging a baseball bat – can lead to intense joint pain.

Gentle exercise may help reduce joint pain. But ironically, the most active individuals often suffer from chronic joint pain. Sports, even gentle athletics like golf, can put stress on your joints over time, leading to inflammation and pain.

Treatment for Joint Pain

Altering the intensity and type of your activities is often beneficial for joint pain. Consider switching to gentle, low-impact exercise. Many patients also find temporary relief from non-prescription anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen.

Ice has long been recognised for its help with joint pain. Application of cold packs can soothe irritated joints by dulling pain and reducing swelling. We apply this concept with our high-tech, safe whole body cryotherapy treatments.

Cryotherapy uses intense cold to lessen the pain of sore or strained muscles and joints. Cryotherapy also stimulates collagen and amino acid production, two major anti-inflammatory agents. A single treatment lasts only a few minutes but produces profound effects. Give whole body cryotherapy a try for a non-invasive method of improving joint pain and allowing you to continue an active lifestyle.