Muscle Pain

What Causes Muscle Pain?

Unfortunately, we have all experienced pain, whether it was temporary or chronic, mild or severe we have all suffered through an injury. This can be further exacerbated by chronic fatigue and an overall sense of being rundown or tired.

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What Causes Muscle Pain?

Chronic fatigue may be the sign of a medical condition or illness. A never-ending feeling of being tired may also be tied to diet and general health.

On the other, hand pain is often the result of an injury or over exertion in the body. This can the result of prolonged physical activity, an illness or the daily wear and tear of an aging body.

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Preventing and treating Fatigue, Joint and Muscle Pain

Eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough rest can help reduce fatigue. Increased physical activity can also help the body build its energy stores to combat fatigue.

For joint and muscle pain changing your exercise routine can alleviate some of the pain. Taking a medication that strengthens muscle and joints is also an option. Trying less impactful exercises like swimming or brisk walking can also cut down on the pain you feel in your downtime.


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