Folds and Lines

What Causes Marionette Folds?

These lines appear on the face around the mouth and may continue down to the chin.

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What Causes Marionette Folds?

Marionette lines form from natural skin folds that exist around the mouth. These wrinkles become more pronounced and visible with age. Unfortunately, marionette lines can give your face an angry or unfriendly appearance. Even if you are actually happy. As a result, the elimination of marionette lines becomes a priority for many patients, not only for a youthful look but also a friendly one.

Gravity is the main culprit for marionette folds. Over the decades, gravity gradually pulls the skin on your face downward. This downward tug eventually leads to permanent skin folds and lines that will not disappear on their own.

Of course, age is also a significant factor in the formation of marionette lines. As the skin ages, elastin begins to break down, and the body does not replace this protein in adequate amounts. Elastin gives skin its resilience and plasticity. Without sufficient elastin, skin does not return to its typical position, resulting in wrinkles and folds.

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How to Treat Marionette Folds and Lines

Patients have several options to reduce or eliminate marionette folds and lines. The possibilities include chemical peels, laser skin treatments, surgical procedures, Botulinum Toxin injections, and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Among the surgical procedures are thread lifts, where the skin in the mouth and chin area is lifted using a thread. Facelifts are also an option for marionette line treatment.

However, many patients elect to use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers due to the lasting, excellent results without surgery. Injectable dermal fillers can do an outstanding job of filling out the face without causing puffiness or swelling. Results are immediate and endure for many months. AMALIAN dermal fillers also provide crucial skin hydration with certified purity and no animal products.

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