Stretch Marks & Scars

Pregnancy, changes in weight and rapid growth can all lead to stretch marks becoming visible on the skin. Scarring is often the result of a wound or injury and can be marked with a change in pigment, texture and general appearance.

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What causes Stretch Marks and Scarring?

Stretch Marks are often associated with pregnancy as the skin grows to accommodate the growing baby the natural elastin is stretched resulting in marks. Whether they are fine skin colored lines, or deep purple bands stretch marks can make people feel embarrassed or reluctant to show off their skin. Changes in weight can also cause stretch marks, as well as the rapid growth experienced in adolescence.

Scarring is usually the result of an injury, depending on the way you heal the scar may be lighter or darker than the skin around. The scar may also have a raised or sunken in texture making it noticeable when compared to the rest of the skin.

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Preventing and treating Stretch Marks and Scarring

Other Benefits

Preventing stretch marks can be challenging however stabilizing your weight can prevent the onset of weight related stretch marks. Moisturizing and hydrating skin can help reduce the appearance and prevalence of stretch marks.

Keeping skin that is affected out of the sun can also prevent stretch marks and scars from darkening and becoming more visible. Dermal rollers have also been recommended in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.