Stubborn Fat

What Causes Stubborn Fat?

Even with diet or exercise, many people deal with stubborn fat. Whether it’s a double chin, belly fat, love handles, inner thigh  or arm fat.

Sometimes it won’t go away with even the most impactful changes in lifestyle.

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What Causes Stubborn Fat?

Stubborn fat deposits or subcutaneous fat deposits are very common. Everybody is born with subcutaneous fat. Some people are more genetically predisposed to developing stubborn fat deposits. Aside from genetics, people typically have greater amounts of subcutaneous fat if they consume more calories than they expend. Also sedentary, have little muscle mass, don’t get enough exercise or aerobic activity and diabetes.

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Preventing And Treating Stubborn Fat

The best ways to combat stubborn fat is to regulate the amount of calories you eat and the amount of exercise you participate in. A well-balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, fiber, whole grains and nuts. These are great ways to maintain your health and keep unwanted pounds off.

Also opt for lean proteins (soy, fish, or poultry) and eliminate excess sugars, salt, red meat, and saturated fats. In order to shed unwanted pounds, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Aerobic activity is a great way to burn calories and includes walking, running, cycling, swimming. Any movement-based activities that increase the heart rate.