Cryotherapy – The Really Cool Health and Fitness Revolution

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Cryotherapy – The Really Cool Health and Fitness Revolution

Cryotherapy, the miracle therapy for health, fitness and beauty has taken the celebrity world by storm. Every one of them who has tried the therapy swears by its positive remarkable benefits. Take a look at some of them who have endorsed cryotherapy in public:

  • Daniel Craig used it to shape his body as the irresistible James Bond and to prepare for the action sequences while shooting the movie, Skyfall.
  • Demi Moore uses it thrice a week and swears by its benefits in keeping her looks and body age-proof.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo has his got own personal cryotherapy chamber.
  • LeBron James, top NBA basketball player, regularly uses whole body cryotherapy for training and quick recovery from fatigue.
  • Floyd Mayweather attributes his recent boxing wins to whole body cryotherapy.

This is just an illustrative list of illustrious people, which also includes Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Yoko Ono, Derek Hough and many actor, actress, sports-persons, athletes and personal trainers who all are hooked for health.

pain relief cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is just a two to three minute therapy that is has taking the health and fitness world by storm. In this therapy one has to spend a few minutes in a chamber with an open top. The body is exposed to extreme cold air at -200 degrees Fahrenheit. That is all that there is. No suffocation, no pain and yet the benefits are plenty which range from excess fat reduction, improved and glowing skin tone, reduced inflammation, better sleep, joyful state of mind and many more.

How Cryotherapy Works?

When the body is exposed to extreme cold of -200 to -240 degrees F within a few seconds, the blood the cold shock makes vessels constrict. After two three minutes when the body is brought back to its normal temperature, the body sends oxygen and nutrient rich blood vigorously to the tissues which results in rapid restoration and healing of tissues. This extra effort also burns up calories very rapidly, about 1000 calories in one session. The net result is firm and glowing skin. The process bring along several other benefits too.

Celebrities Using Cryotherapy For Stress-Relief And Relaxation

The personal lives of celebrities are not only lonely, but it is full of stress, strain and insecurities. Many celebrities have taken recourse to cryotherapy for other than the physical benefits that are obvious to the eyes. Celebrities are using cryotherapy extensively for its mental health benefits like treating depression and sleep disorders too.

Benefits of Enhanced Levels of Endorphins

Cryotherapy increases the release of endorphins in the central nervous system and brain. Endorphins are hormones that give the feel-good effect, sharpen memory and cognitive functions and also relieve pain.

As the blood with endorphins rushes in the nervous system and brain it immediately uplifts the mood. Across several sessions and follow-ups, long-term stabilization can be achieved, thus leading to a more cheerful and healthy personality.

Regular sessions of cryotherapy help decrease depression and stress. This also enhances the ability to cope with negative emotions.

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Reduction In Release Of Cortisol Lowers Stress

Cortisol is a stress induced hormones, which impairs mental health and is responsible for several psychosomatic diseases. Cryotherapy helps in decreasing the level of cortisol which leads to immediate lowering of stress.

Effective In Combating Sleep Disorders

Regular and deep sleep is a prerequisite for a healthy body and mind. A stressful life brings about sleep disorders which may require excessive use of medicine to alleviate. Cryotherapy helps in getting sound sleep and reduces dependence on harmful regular dosage of such medicines. It also promotes regular sleep pattern instead of erratic sleep schedules to snatch a few restful winks.

Enhancement in Levels of Serotonin

Serotonin helps in calming the brain and the central nervous system. It promotes cognitive processes, memory and recall.

Helps In Controlling Obesity and Diabetes

Cryotherapy helps in checking obesity and diabetes. Less sleep and sleep disorders increase the level of ghrelin, which is a hormone that induces hunger resulting in people eating more and becoming obese. Sleep deprivation also decreases the production of melatonin which inhibits the breakdown of glucose and resists insulin which ultimately gives rise to diabetes. Preventing diabetes can eliminate several serious health issues such as hypertension and heart diseases.


Cryotherapy has come a long way, ever since it was first initiated in Japan in 1978 for treating rheumatoid arthritis, where it was found to be very useful in inflammation reduction and injuries.

Other benefits include boosted metabolism, increased collagen production, pain relief, faster recovery from stress, and alleviation of anxiety, among many. It also helps in cardiovascular functioning, mood disorders, and neurodegenerative states.

The actual session inside the cryochamber takes only 2-3 minutes, and is completely safe. The top of the cryosauna tank is open and the patient can continue to chat with the therapist. The doors are not locked and can be pushed open. So, there is no cause for any alarm or concern. One sessions cost from $80-$90 approximately and there are easy payment options and plans.

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