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When it comes to shampoos, conditioners and hair care products, they are NOT all created equally. The truth of the matter is some of the hair care products on the market do more damage than good when it comes to maintaining the moisture balance, texture and colour of hair. At New You we carry a state-of-the-art hair care line that is the ideal after treatment care kit following a PRP Hair Restoration treatment or a Hair Filler procedure.

Designed to increase follicle production, while being infused with nourishing peptides and growth factors, this revolutionary Home Care Kit is ideal for everyone wanting to maintain and enhance their natural hair.

Why your regular products aren’t cutting it

We are all guilty of occasionally buying our shampoo at the same place we buy our groceries, and while being able to one stop shop is a great time saver and even leads to some cash savings, the generic hair care products we pick-up often contain harsh chemicals, subpar additives and very few active ingredients. while , these lacklustre products may not be directly linked to hair loss and follicle damage, they are linked to dry scalps and hair which can be the precursor of other scalp conditions, including itching and which can lead to infection and result in hair loss, hair weakening and less active follicles.

Ingredients matter

Ironically, while most of us study the nutrition facts on all of our packaged foods like dieticians, when it comes to our hair products we are less likely to spend the same amount of time poring over the labels of these products, even though we should. Once you get past the buzzwords like clarifying, buildup removing and intensive repair, and get right to the ingredient label most of the drugstore brands contain less active and medicinal ingredients than they claim and are instead packed with fillers and additives that are not beneficial to long-term hair care.

The Caregen Difference

The Home Care Kit exclusive to New You was formulated by Caregen, a global leader in the research and development of growth factors and biomimetic peptides for cosmeceutical use. Each product in the Home Care Kit is derived from a unique formula of peptides, growth factors and a transdermal delivery system.

Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Hair Regrowth

Our Home Care Kit is an effective post Hair restoration procedure treatment working in conjunction with both PRP Hair Restoration and Hair Filler Therapy. In addition to being an awesome aftercare treatment product, it is also a fabulous stand alone product and ideal from men and women suffering from:

  • Non-scarring alopecia
  • General hair thinning
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Telogen effluvium
  • Hair shaft abnormalities
  • Trauma
  • Infectious disorders
  • Systemic disorders
  • Nutritional deficiencies

The Formula

Aside from being the only products on the market that include these unique patented biomimetic peptides, our Home Hair Care Kit also contains Retinyl Palmitate which nourishes and strengthens the cortex of the hair and Biotin which increase blood flow improving the health of both the scalp and hair. There are also 5 natural fruit extracts included which perform an array of benefits including, stimulating hair growth, preventing hair loss, cleansing the scalp, strengthening follicles and improving circulation.

Come into New You today to pick up your Home Care Kit, or to schedule a Hair Restoration consultation!

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