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Are red or purple spider veins keeping you from showing off your legs in that cute new dress? Do the spider veins on your face make you feel less confident?

New You is pleased to provide our clients with customized Laser Vein Removal treatments. Our certified Laser Vein Removal technicians can safely and non-surgical remove spider and varicose veins from the face or legs, revealing smoother more youthful skin, you don’t have to be afraid to show off.

What are spider veins and why do they appear?

Unfortunately, as we age we become more susceptible to skin and venous imperfections. Spider veins which are dilated capillaries often appear as individual raised red or purple veins, they may also appear as a small cluster of veins. These veins are often visible on the legs occurring anywhere between the thigh and the ankle, spider veins can also appear on the cheeks, nose, eyelids and neck line.

Both men and women can develop spider veins on the face and legs as they begin to age, sun exposure, smoking, alcohol use and prolonged standing or walking can lead to the development of spider veins. Some of us are also predisposed to spider veins due to a genetic trait, alterations in environmental conditions and hormonal changes. Despite being harmless, these unsightly veins can be a nuisance, drawing unwanted attention to them and depleting your confidence. Luckily, with only a few laser treatments, these individuals or clusters of veins can be removed non-invasively without causing any damage to the skin or surrounding area.

How Laser Vein Removal Works

New You offers a two step Laser Vein Removal service using Laser Treatment and IPL Photo Rejuvenation. Treatments vary depending on the size and location of the vein. For larger more complicated veins on the face and legs, two to three laser treatments are usually performed to ensure the entire vein is eliminated.

The laser precisely delivers a measured laser beam through a hand held tool into the vein. The dual light and heat of the laser causes the blood in the vein to coagulate, leading to the vein being gradual absorbed by the body until it is completely gone.

New You’s laser vein removal is customized to your individual needs eliminating concern of over or undertreating the area.

Choose New You for Laser Vein Removal

When it comes to laser vein removal selecting a reputable service provider is key to ensuring you get the results you desire. At New You we have years of experience helping our clients eliminate spider veins for a younger, healthier appearance. Our Laser Vein Removal treatment has lead to improved skin quality and ultimately a better quality of life. In addition to Laser Vein Removal, New You also offers Laser Hair Removal a quick, and painless alternative to shaving, waxing and plucking. Call today to schedule a consultation, don’t forget to ask about our other transformative services!
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It’s time to meet the New You! New You Spa is a leading medical and aesthetics spa devoted to offering clients high quality, cutting-edge services. From BodySculpting to Laser Hair Removal, New You offers a wide array of services and procedures to help you put your best face forward. With eight convenient locations across the GTA New You has performed more than a million procedures and counting…

New You’s team of qualified physicians, nurses, aestheticians and customer care executives are dedicated to providing the superior quality of care that our clients depend on. Our non-invasive procedures are pain-free and require little to no downtime, with fast, noticeable and long-lasting results.

If you have a treatment in mind, or would like to discuss available options book a free consultation today and be on the road to the New You in no time.

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