Knowing These 10 Secrets Will Make Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment More Awesome

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Knowing These 10 Secrets Will Make Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment More Awesome

Hairs are considered to be an important part of human body. When on head, they define the age and personality of individual but when on hands, face, stomach, thighs,legs etc. It spoils the overall look. Everyone wants clean skin and for this reason you make efforts to remove the unwanted hairs through waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal treatments.

As laser hair removal works by focusing and rescinding the hair follicle with a high power beam that enduringly removes the hair while saving the nearby soft tissue it is important to distinguish between skin and hair type to be treated. Laser hair removal for dark skin is more challenging than for those with light skin.

There are two types of hairs present on the body, terminal and vellus.

  • Vellus hairs are fine, velvety and small covering most of the body. They cover the complete surface of the body excluding the palms of the hands and bottoms of the feet. They are nearly obscure.
  • Terminal hairs are dense, severely pigmented and noticeable. These hairs are generally the aim of patients looking for laser hair removal and are often seen in the pubic, underarm and leg zones.

There are many clinics available for the same but few of them are trustworthy. New You is among the prominent provider of laser hair removal in Canada. With the years of experience and proficiency they have setup benchmarks like successfully getting the hair removal treatment done for 7’7 feet tall man in North America.


Video – Check out Laser Hair Removal treatment process on Jerry here.

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Experts here and over the globe recommend knowing below 10 points before one decides to go for laser hair removal treatments:

#1 Pre-Treatment Preparations


Make up your mind and clean up the areas to be treated. Remember it is not the usual waxing for which you keep growing hairs. This is laser hair removal treatment and you must remove all hairs prior to the session. Also no sun expose for two weeks prior to treatments the parts and confirm they are not sunburned. Do not put make-up, body lotion, body oil, scent and jewelry while going for the appointment.

#2 Treatment Sessions


Usually it takes 8-10 treatment sessions which are spaced out in 6 weeks for body and 4 weeks for face. Each session charges separately but more or less same. Though all clinics or dermatologists charge for all sessions; New You offers its first session free of charge to all its customers.

#3 Timely Visits

Hair follicles have their own development cycle. For the best effects, one should normally go for treatment in every 4-6 weeks so as to get the most out of it. This time frame permits the numb hair sluices to fallout themselves.

#4 Session Duration

It completely depends upon the area to be treated. Underarms and bikini lines take lesser time, but other parts like the legs or back may take little lengthier hours. Ideally it can take between 30 minutes to an hour.

#5 Pain and Sufferings

In any case this is laser treatment; therefore some pain is obviously expected specifically on delicate areas. In exceptional cases, the cured skin may turn out to be somewhat nimbler or duskier.

#6 Effectiveness


Laser hair removal treatment cannot take away 100% of the hair from nearly everyone. The ideal result is 60-80 percent hair reduction on cured areas. Even after the treatment, you would be required to have minimum two touch-up sessions with your clinic every year.

#7 Post-Treatment Precautions


Avoid taking hot showers, hot tubs, saunas for minimum 12 hours till the redness have diminished. If soreness appears while taking shower; apply ice on the treated area. Stop using deodorants, perfumes or any kind of cleansers to the skin. It is also recommended not to exercise after treatment because when we exercise the body’s temperature rises and we sweat that holds natural body salts. This will result in irritation and warmth on the treated area causing agony.

#8 Be Patient

You may not see the noticeable differences after the initial treatment sessions. Simply wait for time to pass and in three months you would notice a vivid drop in unwanted follicles. It is suggested to wash the treated area 2-3 times a week. Applying moisturizer helps skin refill.

#9 Selected Cosmetics


Put on SPF every day. It should be as a minimum SPF 30 which defends UVA/UVB rays and covers the physical blockers zinc oxide and titanium oxide. If exposure to sun is likely, compulsorily apply SPF 50 sunblock lotion.

#10 Charges

There are different packages available for hair removal treatment based on type of laser equipment and technology used by the service provider. The charges vary from one dermatologist to other. Therefore it is recommended to take an idea before finalizing the one.

Besides, it is suggested that you should not take antibiotics before you go for any laser treatment. Though it depends on kind of antibiotics and the duration you have been taking them. Individual may turn out to be more sensitive to laser rays while taking antibiotics. Even if you are on prescribed medication for any reason, you should inform the clinic about how and when you take them.

This is also to keep in mind that if you are outdoor type of person then avoiding laser hair removal in summer is best you can do. In this case, rather go for winters.

New You offers Permanent Hair removal not Hair reduction.With the day-to-day advancements in the science; a 4-Stage Newest Laser is being launched which is certainly the most assorted, influential technology, tying in a single device with 4 different wavelengths to treat any skin type in less time and no pain. New You offers the same on a faster pace than others with guaranteed positive results and no pain.

It was all about the Laser Hair Removal Treatments;for more visit New You and stay tuned with us for further information regarding the same.

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