TheraClear Acne Treatment

TheraClear is a breakthrough in Acne Clearing technology.

Helping patients get smooth, bright and blemish-free skin.

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TheraClear™ Acne Treatment


A Breakthrough Acne Clearing Technology helping patients get the smooth, bright and blemish-free skin they deserve. A dual treatment option. TheraClear treats the cause of Acne while also reducing the appearance of redness and hyperpigmentation. The treatment is fast acting and produces a visible reduction in Acne and associated redness. This results in better-looking healthier skin.


Deep cleanses the pores by extracting the blocked sebaceous material.

6 Benefits of TheraClear’s Acne Clearing Technology:

The clear solution to acne – no matter what the cause

Clinical studies have determined that acne has several causes, but at the root is always blocked sebum. TheraClear removes the sebum to let beautiful clear skin shine through.

TheraClear Acne System by NewYou vs. Other Common Treatments
TREATMENTDuration Before You See ResultsPotential Side Effects
TheraClear by New You
(Trusted by Top Dermatologists)
Immediate calming of lesions within 24 – 48 hours;
improvement of redness and brown discoloration associated with lesions.
Over the Counter Medications6 – 10 weeksIneffective; Irritating to skin; Causes excessive dryness of skin
Oral Antibiotics6 – 10 weeksCan promote bacterial resistance, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, skin pigmentation change; Sun sensitivity; Yeast infections and reduction in potency of birth control pills in women.
Isotretinoin (Accutane)3 – 6 monthsPotential birth defects; mood changes; Excessive dry and chapped lips; Irreversible visual change; Joint pains; In fammatory bowel disease
Traditional Lasers2 – 4 weeksPainful; Dyspigmentation
IPL2 – 4 weeksPoor efficacy; Long treatment period

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Why choose NEW YOU:

10 Minutes to a 90% Success Rate!

TheraClear’s two-part process utilizes a vacuum and broadband light to clean, treat and remove the blocks to clear skin. Treatments are quick to perform and highly effective.

TheraClear is right for you if:


TheraClear is a non-invasive, non-chemical treatment that cleanses the deepest layers of the skin, as well as the surface removing the cause of Acne and leaving the skin fresher, brighter and cleaner. When the TheraClear hand device is moved over the face it isolates contaminated pores and follicles for deep cleaning. The gentle vacuum suction then sucks the dirt, debris and oil from the isolated pore or follicle. When the area has been cleansed of the debris and dirt, the concentrated therapeutic light is applied to kill bacteria, calm inflammation and soothe the skin.

Absolutely not. TheraClear is a gentle yet effective treatment, making it ideal for men and women and even adolescents who suffer from Acne.

TheraClear’s dual treatment technology makes it incredibly effective and fast acting. Patients can expect to see a an immediate improvement in Acne during the first 24-48 hours. The skin will continue to improve over time, leaving a smoothed, refreshed and Acne-free face.

Patients who have undergone the TheraClear treatment have experienced great success. Most patients typically stay clear for three months post-treatment, however patients who have incorporated a robust maintenance regimens have remained clear-skinned for a year and longer.*

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**Individual results may vary, depending on the severity of the Acne, the amount of treatments and the patient’s medical history.**

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