Lip Enhancement

Lip Fillers Natural Enhancement formula leaves lips soft and luscious. While also enhancing and contouring them without drying out the skin or surrounding area.

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Lip Enhancement

How it works

When many people think of lip fillers they automatically think of overdone lip injections or “ducky lips” that look unnatural and painful. This is because fillers have gotten a bad rap over the years and garnered a reputation of looking fake.

Facial enhancements, especially lip augmentations need to be done by a expert who has mastered the art of facial fillers.

The fillers used for lip injections at New You are designed with Hyaluronic Acid (A naturally occurring carbohydrate in the body). The dermal filler’s Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful moisture enhancing agent. It will plump, volumize and contour by binding to and enhancing water molecules.

This natural formula leaves lips soft and luscious while also enhancing and contouring them. All without drying out the skin or the surrounding area.

Using ultra fine needles our master injectors gently fill in the lip line to reshape, enhance and mold your lips into the full pout or stylish smile you have always wanted.


“Full”, “Pouty”, “Luscious”, “Enhanced”, and “Reshaped” are just some of the words our patients use to describe lips they want to achieve through our safe and effective lip injections.

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About Dr. Baily

Dr. Mark Baily is the Medical Director for New You Med Spas. Dr. Baily has been recognized as one of the most highly regarded and respected physicians in all of North America for over two decades in the field of injectable toxins (both cosmetic and therapeutic) and facial fillers.

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