Robot Wrinkle Eraser

Robot Wrinkle Eraser Treatment Permanently Removes Lines and Wrinkles Fast and Painlessly.

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Robot Wrinkle Eraser

New You Robot Wrinkle Eraser Permanently Removes Lines and Wrinkles Fast and Painlessly

Nothing Compares to the Precision of Our Robot Wrinkle Eraser the Most Popular Anti-Aging Injections in the World

New You’s unique robot wrinkle eraser uses precision robotics to inject botulinum toxin directly into the wrinkled area.  The advanced injection tool offers exactness and uniformity the human hand can’t replicate.

The botulinum toxin is the most commonly used beauty injectable and the robot eraser takes the efficiency of this beauty aid to the next level.

The Robot Wrinkle Eraser treatment offers significantly improved results and fewer side effects. The metered robot injector offers a less than 2 percent error in dosage, reducing waste and allowing your injector to treat more areas at once.

Treat the face, neck and décolleté with the future of anti-aging injectables.

Treatments are also faster, safer and last longer.

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Benefits of Robot Wrinkle Eraser

Developed in Switzerland this cutting-edge technology is the fastest and most accurate wrinkle eraser tool on the market, offering both accuracy and precision like never before. Expertly erase signs of aging with a robot wrinkle erasing treatment.

Robot wrinkle erasing injections using the botulinum toxin target the most common cause of aging repeated muscle contractions from frowning, laughing, squinting and emoting. The effective robot eraser gently reduces the muscles ability to move a lot preventing future wrinkling and correcting existing wrinkles, lines, crow’s feet and fine lines.

100% Satisfaction

While other clinics may have a similar device, none can claim they have a satisfaction guarantee.


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If you have a treatment in mind, or would like to discuss available options book a free consultation today and be on the road to the New You in no time.


The best candidates for Botulinum Toxin therapy are men and women between 25 and 65 years of age. The treatment is a targeted wrinkle and fine line eraser making it ineffective in people below 25 because they tend to not have wrinkles. On the other end of the spectrum, people over 65 tend to have wrinkles that have set in too deeply for the treatment to be effective, however, we do offer other treatments that can penetrate and reverse the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines.

Robot Wrinkle Injections with Botulinum Toxin work best on “dynamic wrinkles”, the type that are visible when you smile, laugh, raise your eyebrows or squints. The appearance of these dynamic wrinkles is lessened and improved by the wrinkle eraser because the muscles are immobile and relaxed.

Yes. While the Robot Wrinkle Eraser does change the appearance and health of the skin, the treatment will not drastically change the way your face looks or make you look like you’ve had plastic surgery. The muscles causing wrinkles are relaxed but not completely immobilized. You will still be able to make the normal range of facial expressions, just without causing wrinkles.

Because Robot Wrinkle Erasing injections involve microneedles there may be minor discomfort depending on the patient and the injection location. The sensation associated with the treatment is described as a tiny pinch which dissipates quickly. After the treatment, you may resume normal activities.

Side effects are very rare when it comes to the Botulinum Toxin, when paired with the Robot Wrinkle Eraser the chance of side effects are reduced even more.

Treatments can take anywhere from 12 hours to 3 days to reach peak effect. To get the best results from your treatment it is recommend that patients contract their facial muscles after treatment. You can expect to see the amazing results last for 3 to 6 months. Then simply book an appointment at New You for another round of Robot Wrinkle Eraser.

Scheduling is dependent on each patient and their desired goals. Usually one treatment is enough to greatly improve your appearance. An average of 3 treatments are recommended if you want longer lasting results. Scheduling a touch-up every 4 to 6 months is also recommended to keep wrinkles at bay and maintain a youthful and fresh look.

As the treatment begins to wear off and absorb into the body wrinkles and fine lines will begin to slowly reappear. These dynamic wrinkles will be less noticeable than before but can worsen over time. To maintain the youthful look year round 3 to 4 injections are required. Regular treatments will result in longer lasting effects, and fewer injections will be needed over time.

About Dr. Baily

Dr. Mark Baily is the Medical Director for New You Med Spas. Dr. Baily has been recognized as one of the most highly regarded and respected physicians in all of North America for over two decades in the field of injectable toxins (both cosmetic and therapeutic) and facial fillers.