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Pure IV Drips – Body Slimming

Restore, regenerate and rejuvenate your entire body from the inside out.

Combat fatigue and hydrate while boosting mineral and nutrient absorption with IV Drip Therapy.

Using a customized blend of vitamins and nutrients IV Drip therapy is tailored to your needs.

All you need to do is lie back and relax while our potent mix of high grade nutrients, vitamins and electrolytes replenish, restore and revitalize.

New You offers hydration, beauty enhancer, weight loss aide, energy booster and well-being IV Drips & more.

IV Drip Therapy can also be performed with most of our other treatments and services. Try a secret facial with an IV Drip booster, or schedule a Cryotherapy session and an IV Drip to follow for maximum health benefits.

Benefits of IV Drip Therapy

Other Benefits of IV Drip Therapy

Combat fatigue and hydrate
Combat fatigue and hydrate

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IV Drip Therapy works by administering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system where most nutrients are lost. Bypassing the stomach and digestive system allows for deeper cell absorption and better results.

Following an IV Drip Therapy session the enhanced vitamins, nutrients and minerals remain in your system and maintain levels for 2-3 weeks because they are absorbed directly into your bloodstream fast effectively, which means they last longer than vitamins and nutrients you ingest.  

New You has a team of highly-trained nurses and our doctor are all versed in inserting IV’s quickly and painlessly, and will be happy to administer your IV Drip Therapy.  

The frequency of IV Drip therapy really depends on the patient’s health and their unique goals for treatment. Our team delivers a tailored IV Drip Therapy experience for each patient; however preventative health and wellness, two IV drips per month are recommend to keep vitamin and nutrient levels in healthy ranges

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