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Body Sculpting Toronto

Whole Body contouring done with our 3 Stage Body Sculpting Plan

BodySculpting as Part of a Whole Body Contouring Treatment

body-sculpting-torontoAt New You we also pair BodySculpting with our Fat Cracker and Skin Tightening treatments to help enhance and optimize the fat freezing results. New You’s 3-Stage-BodySculpt plan is a great value and packs the fat-busting punch to get you the body you’ve always wanted.

We also offer a 5-Stage-Body Sculpting plan that pairs BodySculpting with Fat Cracker, Skin Tightening, Double chin treatment, and Cryotherapy. The 3 and 5 stage BodySculpting Plans increase the amount of fat you melt away, while also toning and refining the skin and boosting metabolism.

After receiving the targeted BodySculpting treatment, your New You Body Sculpting technician will give you the metabolism boosting Fat Cracker used for treating cellulite. The Fat Cracker uses strong sound waves administered into the skin and fat tissue to improve the quality of the connecting tissue on the stomach, upper arms, and eliminate cellulite. Following the Fat Cracker, RF Skin Tightening is performed to reduce the appearance of saggy or loose skin, giving the patient the toned and contoured body of their dreams.

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