Perlane Fillers

Perlane Fillers can finally give you the gorgeous, full lips that you’ve always wanted*!

perlane-fillersWe use Perlane Fillers, which is an injectable treatment, to help you get that full pout that you desire, that is wrinkle free and smooth. This safe dermal filler softens and fills the tissue of the face that naturally becomes more and more wrinkled and loses fullness around the mouth. Perlane is very similar to Restylane because it is also a long-lasting gel which is administered through a very fine needle into the skin. Perlane adds volume under the skin and makes lines and wrinkles vanish. Additionally, Perlane can be used on a wide variety of areas on the face, so you can get an all-over youthful look.

Trouble Areas the Perlane Fillers Can Fix*:

  • Cheek creases and lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Worry Lines
  • Nasolabial folds – from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • Glabellar lines/ frown lines – vertical lines between the brows
  • Thinning lips or lips that are not desired fullness
  • Cheekbones that have lost shape
  • Smoker’s lines

How Does Perlane Work?

Perlane is made out of the natural substance, Hyaluronic acid. Perlane is safe and effective because hyaluronic is naturally produced by the body. Perlane simply acts as a replacement for the hyaluronic acid that has been depleted in the body over time as a person ages. The hyaluronic acid in Perlane adds volume to lips and makes them appear smooth and plump, raises the skin in areas that may appear to be “sagging,” and it acts to fill in lines and wrinkles that are caused by the natural breakdown of the skins natural collagen and hyaluronic acid. The results from one Perlane Fillers treatment can be noticed immediately, and they last for a long time*.

The procedure to receive a Perlane treatment lasts only 20 to 40 minutes, and this amount of time depends on how many areas you choose to have treated and what types of areas you have treated.

Immediately after the procedure, there is no need for downtime, so you can return to your normal daily activities, including applying normal cosmetics. Minor redness and swelling may appear in the treated area, but will go away within a matter of hours.

The beautiful results of your Perlane treatment will last about 6 to 9 months before a follow-up treatment is needed*.

The Beautiful Benefits of Perlane

  • Each Perlane treatment is tailored to each patient’s specific desires and needs.
  • No recovery is needed because it is a non-invasive treatment, other than the natural consideration that redness and minor swelling may occur.
  • Perlane will give you a natural, youthful appearance*.
  • If used in the lips, Perlane gives the lips natural volume, which results in a smooth, sexy, and desirable natural pout*.
  • Perlane is extremely effective in filling lines and wrinkles caused by the natural breakdown of the body’s collagen, especially around the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • The beautiful results of Perlane last 6 to 9 months and then the gel is naturally broken down by your body and disappears*.

Perlane FAQ

What Exactly is Perlane?

The Perlane gel is actually made of hyaluronic acid, which is a completely transparent and naturally-occurring gel. This gel is injected into undesirable facial folds and wrinkles, and is especially effective in smoothing out those lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, which are called nasolabial folds. The hyaluronic acid in Perlane is not made from animals.

Where Can I Use Perlane?

Perlane can be used in order to improve the appearance of your skin’s contours, and it can reduce the look of depressions in the skin that are caused by scars or injury.

  • Marionette lines at the corner of the mouth
  • Deep smile lines
  • Cheek depressions
  • To redefine lip border
  • Frown lines that run between the eyebrows
  • Smoker’s lines – vertical lines on the mouth (perioral lines)
  • Worry lines that run across the forehead (forehead lines)
  • Crow’s feet
  • Acne scars
  • Some facial scars

How Long Does Perlane Fillers Treatment take?

Usually, one Perlane treatment will take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.

What is Perlane Fillers Treatment?

The skin is composed of two layers, which have supporting columns that hold them apart. There is an area between the two layers that contain the natural clear gel called hyaluronic acid. When you are young, this space is replete with the gel, but as you age, the acid begins to diminish, which causes the skin to lose volume and resiliency and causes the appearance of indentations and wrinkles, as well as sagging. If you were to replace the hyaluronic acid that was one there, between those two layers of skin, the wrinkles and sagging would disappear. That is how Perlane and products like Perlane were invented.

The substance is administered through a very, very fine needle into the skin to restore the natural volume that was once there. Once the gel has been injected, it lifts up the skin and the wrinkle becomes smoothed out. This process takes only about 30 minutes, and it does not leave a scar or any mark. The result can be seen immediately after treatment*.

You can discuss options for maintenance with your doctor, since this depends on the results you would like and how much maintenance you would like to put in. Keep in mind that each follows up injection typically requires less Perlane to achieve the same result. The normal time between Perlane injections is between 6 and 12 months.

Once injected, the Perlane gel maintains its shape by utilizing the body*s natural moisture. Hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient in Perlane, is hydrophilic, which means that it loves water. As the gel degrades over time, the molecules bind to the water in your body, which makes the gel capable of achieving the same level of volume with less hyaluronic acid. This quality of the gel is what gives it the ability to maintain volume over such a long period of time.

Other similar products that are made from hyaluronic acid are made from animal products, such as rooster combs. Perlane does not use any animal products for its hyaluronic acid, which means that there is virtually no possibility of having an allergic reaction or coming into contact with an animal-based disease.

What Can I Expect From a Treatment With Perlane?

A Perlane treatment will help smooth out moderate to severe wrinkles and folds in the face. Patients usually need only one injection to achieve the desired results, according to a clinical study. The effects of Perlane last approximately 6 months*.

How Long will the Results Last?

Perlane is naturally dissolved and absorbed into your body over time. The length of time that you enjoy results varies, depending on the structure of your skin, your age, and lifestyle factors*.

Most patients receive follow-up Perlane treatments between 9 months and a year after their first treatment for wrinkles, and within 6 to 9 months after treatment for lip enhancement*.

What are the Side effects?

Some common side effects of receiving a Perlane injection include:

  • Pain at the injection site
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Discoloration
  • Tenderness

These side effects will usually subside within two days of your Perlane treatment procedure.

More severe side effects are very rare: only 1 in 2000 patients reporting a severe side effect on average*. Some have experienced localized swelling at the site of injection, which is thought to be caused by high sensitivity. Rare acne-like bumps have also appeared.

Such reactions can appear within days of the treatment, or as long as four weeks afterward. When a reaction does appear, it typically only lasts a few weeks and is usually reported as being mild to moderate in nature.

When should Perlane not be used?

Patients with the following conditions should not use Perlane products:

  • Several severe allergies
  • Severe allergies marked by a history of anaphylaxis Multiple severe allergies
  • Severe allergies to gram-positive bacterial proteins