Fat Cracker™ Therapy

Fat Cracker Therapy

Non-Surgical Fat Reducing Technique

The Fat Cracking Magic Wand

What if we told you there is magic wand that is an instrumental tool in destroying cellulite pockets and strengthening the connective tissues in the skin. The Fat Cracker (also known as Shock Wave Therapy) is unlike any other fat fighting tool today. The Fat Cracker works in two ways; first, it uses shockwaves to strengthen any weakness in the connective tissues of the abdomen, upper arm, thighs and buttocks quickly, gently and efficiently, leading to more definition and toning. Secondly, Fat Cracker is a targeted cellulite treatment that can help break up and destroy large cellulite deposits. The shockwaves used during the Fat Cracker treatments are very strong and brief, traveling faster than the speed of sound to target fat build ups that refuse to go away. fat-cracker-toronto

Get Great Results using Fat Cracker

Fat Cracker, is an effective stand alone treatment for the repairing of connective tissue and the elimination of cellulite clusters, however it most effective when paired with a 3-Stage-BodySculpt treatment.

When Fat Cracker is paired with BodySculpting, these two state-of-the-art technologies speed up fat reduction and provide accelerated results. Part of a complete BodySculpting treatment involves a manual massage of treated areas after the BodySculpting procedure is finished. When the post-treatment massage is performed with the Fat Cracker wand-tool patients experienced 25% better results. Results improved even more when the BodySculpting and Fat Cracker procedures are followed by RF Skin Tightening, a procedure that tones and tightens loose skin for a more contoured and chiseled appearance.

Benefits of Fat Cracker Therapy

  • Pain-free and comfortable procedure*
  • Non-invasive, No downtime needed
  • Beautiful, long-lasting results*
  • Advanced technology*
  • Smooth Skin*
  • Increases Firmness*
  • Offers circumferential reduction*
  • Firms body & tones muscle
  • Provides lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces stretch marks & improves elasticity

Fat Cracker Therapy FAQs

Why Choose Fat Cracker?
Fat Cracker is an ideal tool to target cellulite quickly and effectively. It is also the only treatment that can enhance BodySculpting results by 25% while also repairing and fortifying the body’s connective tissues.
Why is Fat Cracker Associated with BodySculpting?
Both BodySculpting and the Fat Cracker can be performed on their own, however they are more effective when used in conjunction with each other, or as part of the 3-Stage-BodySculpting with RF Skin Tightening.
Is the Fat Cracker Painful?
No. The Fat Cracker is not painful at all, infact when paired with BodySculpting it is used as a massage tool. On its own it is a powerful cellulite destroyer that cause no pain or discomfort to the patient or treatment area.
How Long Does Fat Cracker Therapy Take?
When used as part of a 3-Stage-BodySculpt program patients can expect the whole process to take 60-90 minutes. As a cellulite reduction treatment Fat Cracker therapy only takes 15 minutes per target area. The amount of treatments needed will vary patient to patient, some patients are able to get the results they desire after as few as one or two treatments, while other patients may need 6 to 10 sessions, 3 to 4 times per week to achieve their goals.

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**Results dependant on patient medical history and treatment areas**