PRP Natural Hair Restoration

The # 1 Non-surgical solution for Hair Restoration, exclusively offered at New You.

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PRP Natural Hair Restoration

Take back control of your hair and restore your confidance.

A non-surgical solution for hair restoration, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is the only treatment for hair loss on the market today for a number of causes including:

150 hairs grown per square inch* No Medication. No Hair transplant. No Downtime. No Cutting. No Pain* New European Breakthrough Technology

How It Works

Platelet Rich Plasma works by enhancing and strengthening your own existing hair follicles. One reason for thinning hair is follicles with low hair density. On average two or three strands of hair grow from a single follicles. In people with thin hair most follicles have only a single strand of hair. Platelet Rich plasma helps stimulate follicle growth and boost the number of hair strands from each follicles.*


There are many benefits of using PRP treatment to promote healing for hair growth. Highly concentrated growth factors in the form of platelets have been shown to generate new hair growth, thicken thinned out hair, and make hair grow thicker and healthier.*

Hair Restoration Results

“PRP is the best kept secret in the world” – doctors say. PRP contains at least 8 growth factors that will continue to work over time to replenish and rejuvenate the skin.*

Activating these growth factors enhances your skin’s appearance in the following ways: