Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating Solutions

Avoiding handshakes, keeping your arms at your side and refraining from buying certain materials are some of the lengths excessive sweaters go to, trying to mitigate their hyperhidrosis. Despite excessive sweating affecting roughly 950,000 Canadians no matter their climate or location, when it happens to you it can be an embarrassing blow to your self esteem. At New You we can treat your hyperhidrosis quickly and painlessly, meaning you can say goodbye to sweaty palms, pit stains and damp feet, forever!


For Excessive Sweating in the underarm area MiraDry provides a harmless, clinically confirmed and FDA approved treatment. MiraDry uses controlled electromagnetic energy to target and disable the sweat glands in the underarm area eliminating the need for powerful antiperspirants and deodorants. Get your confidence back today, book a MiraDry consult at New You!


Botulinum Toxin Type A for Hyperhidrosis

Botulinum Toxin Type A isn't only an amazing wrinkle treatment, it can also be used to reduce production in the sweat glands, a condition often called Hyperhidrosis. Targeting more than just the underarms, Botulinum Toxin Type A for Hyperhidrosis can effectively reduce excessive sweating on the palms, face, underarms, back, and feet. Results are immediate and long-lasting.