Permanent Hair Removal

New You provides best permanent hair removal treatment

Laser Aesthetics

Keeping unwanted hair at bay can seem like a fulltime job. Shaving multiple times a week, scheduling waxing and threading appointments and tediously plucking stray hairs are so time-consuming. New You has a solution, Laser Aesthetics. Just a few treatments with our powerful 4-in-1 permanent hair removal laser can rid you of unwanted hair permanently. We also provide Laser Vein Removal for spider veins and other age-related veins. Laser Aesthetics can quickly and effectively remove hair and veins, while also toning skin and reducing wrinkles and liver spots. They can even reduce the appearance of Acne scarring and discoloration. Book a permanent hair removal consultation with New You today!

Laser Hair Removal

New You is the first medical spa in Canada to offer the 4-in-1 permanent laser hair removal technique. Using 3 different wavelengths to eliminate hair and its follicle, our laser tool is quicker and more effective than any other laser hair removal method on the market. Our unique 4-in-1 technique means you can get permanent hair removal in less time.

Laser Vein Removal

Remove unsightly veins from the face and legs and regain your confidence. New You specializes in 2 techniques of vein removal; laser and IPL. While laser treatments painlessly destroy the vein making it unnoticeable, IPL uses Intense Pulsed Light to trigger the skin’s natural collagen production from deep within, encouraging the skin and its many layers to repair itself. Our client service experts can help you decide which treatment is appropriate for your needs.