IPL PhotoFacial

Photo Facial is an excellent facial rejuvenation procedure that was specifically designed to erase and decrease the brown and red spots associated with hyper and over pigmentation.

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IPL PhotoFacial

Erase Hyper-Pigmentation, Dark Spots and Redness Easily with PhotoFacial!

The PhotoFacial technology uses an ultra-bright light, which actually finds these dark spots in every layer of the skin, from the most superficial layer to the deepest layer and gently erases them. PhotoFacial is not a laser device and is completely non-invasive.

PhotoFacial is a Good Option for You If:

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PhotoFacials Are Non-Surgical, Requires No Time Off & Offer Quick Results!

For patients who undergo a PhotoFacial minimal recovery time is needed, and you can return to your daily activities with immediately healthier and fresher looking skin. Several sessions may be required to achieve optimal results*.

How it Works

During the PhotoFacial skin renewing treatment, a small device with a smooth side glass application area is used. The handheld device gives off a strong broad-spectrum light similar to the light of the sun, without the damaging UV and UVB rays. Using broad-spectrum light offers a dual skin renewal treatment, oxygen, and light. Your skin needs both to ensure the skin is brightened and sun damage and over-pigmentation are eradicated. PhotoFacials can also be used to eliminate broken capillaries (tiny blood vessels), correct damage from smoking, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Minimize Pores and Wrinkles With the PhotoFacial Technology

In addition, PhotoFacial can also help minimize the appearance of large pores and wrinkles. The high intensity light produced by the PhotoFacial handheld device works to stimulate your body’s own natural collagen. Increased collagen production leads to the skin becoming more youthful, more firm, and renewed. With PhotoFacial, you can turn back time and regain the youthful appearance that you desire*.

Get Smoother And More Even Skin

PhotoFacial is the ideal treatment for anyone looking for a firmer, balanced complexion. The light used during a photofacial can also aide the skin in recovery from acne, as well as reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other facial skin issues*.

A complete PhotoFacial is typically done over several sessions, and these treatment sessions usually take about 20 to 45 minutes each. Before the procedure starts, you will be give protective glasses to protect your eyes from the very bright light that is used during treatment. While the procedure is performed, you may feel a minor stinging sensations, like a slight snapping of a rubber band against the skin. This happens as the broad-spectrum light from the PhotoFacial handheld device breaks up the unwanted blemishes and discoloration, which leaves only your natural radiance shining through.

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If you have a treatment in mind, or would like to discuss available options book a free consultation today and be on the road to the New You in no time.


PhotoFacial does not use laser technology, but is instead a non-invasive procedure that utilizes broad-spectrum light to break up dark spots and smooth out enlarged pores and wrinkles. This light is transferred to the skin using a hand-piece, which has a glass panel that is held against the surface of the skin to deliver the light.

Usually, four to six treatments are recommended. These are done as a series, and performed at 3-week intervals. The sessions do not have any necessary downtime, so you can go right back to normal activities immediately after each treatment. Touch-ups and follow-up treatments are usually desired by patients in order to maintain the results longer*.

There will be a mild stinging sensation as the nitrous oxide penetrates the bottom of the growth or target area. A slight residual stinging may persist in the few minutes following treatment.

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness in the skin from dilated capillaries. This condition can also create blemishes and blisters on the cheeks and on the nose area. PhotoFacial can help improve the effects of Rosacea by treating the blood vessels and reducing redness without causing damage to the healthy surrounding skin. This greatly minimizes the amount of redness and flushing, and it is long-lasting*.