Scars & Stretch Marks

This fully customizable treatment also incorporates the one-of-a-kind SmartScan technology for increased precision and enhanced efficacy.

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Scars & Stretch Marks

Our skin is our largest organ and the one most prone to exhibiting the damage and stress of day to day life. Stretch marks, scars and enlarged pores are among the biggest complaints when it comes to skin health and appearance. At New You we offer a variety of treatments and services that are designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, minimize scars and shrink enlarged pores. Let us help you revitalize your skin for a younger, rejuvenated skin.

Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment

This fully customizable treatment also incorporates the one-of-a-kind SmartScan technology for increased precision and enhanced efficiency. The Venus procedure is able to reduce deep lines, wrinkles and facial folds; as well as resurface and restore skin tone and texture.

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Venus Versa Skin Rejuvenation

Venus Versa Skin Rejuvenation is non-invasive treatment using Intense Pulsed Light to combat the main cause of premature aging – the sun. The Venus Versa IPL procedure delivers strong, precise infrared light, through the many layers of skin to deeply and permanently reverse the signs of sun and environmental damage. Can be used to repair broken blood vessels and reduce Rosacea.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Sun damage becomes more apparent as we age making skin appear dull, lifeless, blotchy and unhealthy. New You offers skin resurfacing with the Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser, a non-ablative laser technique designed to stimulate gradual skin tightening faster than ablative lasers with less downtime. Fractional resurfacing leaves skin refreshed and fortified while improving wrinkles and the appearance of dark spots and scarring.


The Fraxel Skin Resurfacing treatment uses an enhanced laser system to target specific areas of the face improving tone, skin texture, and pore size; while simultaneously reducing and removing sun spots, acne or facial scars and wrinkles on the face and neck. New You’s Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment combines two lasers, Fraxel and Restore for a more precise and tailored treatment plan. A minimally invasive procedure that provides long lasting results.

IR Skin Resurfacing

Infrared Laser resurfacing is a non-ablative procedure using targeted deep-heat to activate collagen and the skin’s restorative process for tighter, smoother and brighter skin. Unlike other lasers, IR Skin Resurfacing does not destroy dead or damaged cells as part of the rejuvenation making it more delicate for those with sensitive skin. Used to treat skin laxity, softness and discoloration, IR Skin Resurfacing is ideal for patients wanting to look younger and prevent wrinkles and facial creasing.


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