6 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

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6 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Everyone wants a smooth, hair-free beautiful complexion, which they can flaunt in summers in their sexy sleeveless tops and tank tees. Therefore, when spring rolls around, people frantically look for hair removal solutions whether its hair removal creams, razor or waxing. Expensive wax treatments are not just painful, but also create holes in our pocket. But now, cosmetic laser treatment serves as a great alternative.

Cosmetic laser treatment is one of the most effective solutions for all those who want that flawless beach body. But people usually get confused while deciding the best time for getting involved in the sessions. According to professionals of laser treatment, winter is the best time to experience cosmetic laser treatments.

Need to cover body for best results

One of the biggest reasons behind this is that it’s comparatively easy to get rid of sun damage in winters than in summers. In numerous types of laser treatments, the technician inserts cosmetic and laser energy into the body. Clients are often told not to take a hot shower fora few days and to keep their skin covered to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. This is because sun exposure can ruin the process of laser treatment, so even though the person feels perfectly normal they will not end up seeing amazing results.

Easier to avoid sun exposure in winters

Skin rejuvenation treatment usually includes Microdermabrasion techniques that are great to receive when the weather is cold. The skin becomes sensitive after treatments like chemical peels, Micro Laser Peels and fractional laser treatment. Therefore, it becomes crucial to avoid sun exposure. Exposure to sun after getting the skin laser treatment cannot just damage the process severely, but will also make it look worse than before.

Laser treatment works best when the skin is not tanned

For those who are looking for some sort of skin laser treatment, it is always recommended to get it done when the skin is not tanned, no matter whether it is salon tan, spray tan or sun-kissed tan. Normally, the laser focuses on pigmented areas like brown spots as the area to treat. This clearly means that if the body is tanned at certain places the laser will focus on those unnecessary spots and miss the region where the treatment is actually required. This might lead to unnecessary skin pigmentation or irritation. It is important that one should avoid sun exposure for two to four weeks before and after laser treatment. It’s easier to avoid sun exposure in winters in comparison to other seasons.

Ideal time to prepare your skin for coming beach holidays


One of the obvious advantages of undergoing laser skin treatments during the end of winter is the opportunity to reveal the amazing results in Summers. This treatment often needs a series of applications to yield optimal results. For instance, laser hair removal typically needs 4-6 treatments, whereas the laser vein reduction usually needs 3 treatments. Therefore, it is also better to give your laser technician a little extra lead time in order to show off great results on the upcoming beach vacation that is planned for the coming summers.

Best way to get rid of dry skin in winters

Another big reason to go for Laser treatment in winters is that, in cooler months, skin becomes dry and dehydrated. So, the medical Microhydrabrasion treatment is quite helpful in retaining glowing summer complexion. This treatment helps in deeply exfoliating the skin, stimulating blood circulation and cell turnover. It retains the glow of skin, making you look like glowing beauty.

Promotes growth of new cells

One of the major goals of laser procedures on skin is that it cause new and healthier cells grow. The vulnerable new cell needs protection from harmful UV rays to prevent any sort of damage. It becomes much easier to accomplish this goal during wintertime when people are naturally inclined to stay inside and they often prefer to cover themselves with hats, coats, mittens and scarves.

To sum it up-

Whilst hair removal and skin treatment is a summer essential, but for those who look for a permanent solution to reduce the fuzz then the best time to invest in skin laser procedure is in the cooler months. Always remember that your gorgeous summer glow impede on a reliable winter laser treatment plan.

Image & GIF Courtesy – Pixabay.com, Giphy.com