Your Winter Wedding Skin Guide

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October 18, 2017
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Your Winter Wedding Skin Guide

In between your Thanksgiving feasts and multiple holiday parties you may have a winter wedding or two you need to attend; you may even be a bride preparing for your own snowy nuptials.  Over the last decade winter weddings have become extremely popular because they are often a fraction of the cost of a summer wedding and offer a unique backdrop to one of life’s most important events.

Here is a brief rundown of skin care and beauty treatments you can do so you are a vision of beauty in a frosty wonderland and not an abominable snow person when the big day arrives.

While most of us look forward to the fluffy sweaters and oversized coats of winter as camouflage for those extra pounds we put on since the beach closed; for Winter Brides and their bridal party getting in shape and looking great for icy wedded bliss is incredibly important.

Getting Great Winter Skin

Once the temperature starts to dip and sunlight becomes a scarce commodity our skin often starts to look dull and not as vibrant as it does when it is soaking in all the Vitamin D.  Having a dedicated skin care regiment that includes a gentle cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer can restore some of the lost luster but for those who really want to enhance their skin for the big day scheduling some non-invasive ski treatments is the answer.

3 Months Till Nuptials

With a considerable amount of time before you turn all the heads as you walk down the aisle this is an ideal time to get a skin resurfacing treatment. Whether you opt for Nano Fractional Radio Frequency or laser-based skin resurfacing each procedure is designed to gently but effectively resurface the face leaving skin tone and texture even and balanced. Resurfacing also minimizes pores, scars, sunspots and wrinkles. These treatments can also tighten lax facial skin by encouraging your body’s collagen production. While both varieties are non-invasive you do want to allow some time for the enhanced collagen to volumize your face and give you a youthful glow.

2 Months Before The Big Day

With 8 weeks to spare this is the perfect time to start PhotoFacial therapy.  Using an intense light PhotoFacials target pigmentation issues, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and can also minimize fine lines. For best results at least 3 treatments are recommended 3 weeks apart.

For minor concerns you can also undergo a Vampire Facelift during this time frame. Using the growth factors inside your own plasma to enhance your face naturally is one of the most popular treatments in Hollywood today and leaves skin with a dewy glow and a natural fullness and firmness.

1 Month to go

As the day gets closer stress and hormones can begin to cause your skin to rebel and with only a few weeks to go you don’t want to start any long treatment protocols. With 4 weeks to go gentle is key. Microdermabrasion is an excellent option because it s stronger than a regular exfoliant but requires no down time post procedure. Pairing microdermabrasion with a chemical peel is like giving your face a mild resurfacing and is ideal for people who just want to slough off dead skin and reveal a brighter complexion.

1 Week Before The ‘I Dos’

The countdown is on and you are probably busier than ever getting all the last minute details done. During the last five days before your wedding make sure you are staying hydrated with lots of water and getting enough sleep, this will do wonders for your skin health.  Nourishing face masks are safe bet during this time, mostly because you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to treatments.  The night before the Big Day try a facial filler mask, these are great fro adding some volume to face and filing in any fine lines around the eyes.

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