Body Contouring

Trying to lose weight and tone your body can be challenging as you age. Decreased metabolism function can lead to pesky fat and cellulite deposits that seem impossible to get rid of. Body Contouring is non-surgical way to shed those excess pounds, while also tightening the skin and shaping the body. Likened to non-surgical liposuction Body Contouring is a safe and quick way to get the body you always wanted. At New You we have performed more than 25,000 CoolSculpting procedures making us a leader in Body Contouring.*

CoolSculpting Freeze Your Fat Away

CoolSculpting is the coolest way to get the definition, shape and contour you want without surgery, needles or invasive procedures. A Harvard-based technology, CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to freeze fat cells. The crystallized fat is then naturally disposed of by the body leaving your skin tightened and refreshed and body contoured and shaped. There is also no recovery time needed following a CoolSculpting procedure. Book your CoolSculpting consultation today, at New You!

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CoolSculpting for Chin with CoolMini

Coolsculpting isn’t just for shaping and contouring the body, with the specialized CoolMini attachment the delicate area under the chin can also be toned, tightened and refined. Using the same cold treatment technology as CoolSculpting, the CoolMini gently and effectively tightens the loose skin on the chin and jowls revealing a refreshed and youthful look. Come in today and meet the New You.

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Who doesn’t want to look shapelier and more toned? Lipolaser is the perfect option for people who want to tone and tighten their body without invasive surgery and long recovery periods. Lipolaser is a body contouring treatment that removes stubborn fat deposits while also sculpting the body. Lipolaser can be used on the thighs, hips, and buttocks.*

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Fat Cracker Therapy

Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and get rid of all your excess fat and cellulite? Like its name, Fat Cracker is a treatment that targets fat and helps the body get rid of it. Using a wand-like instrument shockwaves are delivered into the skin to strengthen the connective tissues of the upper arm, legs, abdomen and buttocks quickly, gently and effectively. For superior results in less time Fat Cracker is often paired with CoolSculpting. Call us to learn more about the Fat Cracker today.

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Venus Legacy

Gain confidence and get beach ready in no time with the quadruple technology power in The Venus Legacy. Combining Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF), Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), and VariPulse technology (VP), with Real Time Thermal Feedback, Venus Legacy is the first 4D technology of its kind. The multi-faceted treatment approach Venus Legacy uses was designed to contour and shape while elimination cellulite and improving the appearance of wrinkles. Non-surgical and effective for the whole body, Venus Legacy is a pain-free treatment that will have you looking your best quickly and permanently.*

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BodySculpting Plans

We offer a three or five step BodySculpting plan that enhances the effects of CoolSculpting, tightens skin and reduces fat quickly and efficiently. Combining CoolSculpting with our Fat Cracker and Skin Tightening will ensure you get WOW results in half the time. To increase your results from WOW to AMAZING try or 5-step BodySculpting plan that includes CoolSculpting, CoolMini (for the face) Fat Cracker, Skin Tightening and Cryotherapy and watch the inches melt away.

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ENDY MED 3DEEP Skin Tightening

Aging, weight loss and even lifestyle can affect the skin, making it loose, saggy and not as tight. There are many different ways to regain the firmness and tightness of youthful skin, however one of the fastest and most effective ways is 3DEEP Skin Tightening. This effective and quick treatment process works by stimulating the collagen deep within the skin which leads to a refined and tightened texture. Once new collagen has been stimulated, your skin begins to regain that full and firm appearance of its youth. This treatment process is most used commonly in areas such as the face and neck. It is also highly effective in creating firmness in the chest, breasts, upper arms, buttocks, and thighs.

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Velashape Cellulite Reduction

Fat has a funny way of migrating to the hips, thighs and buttocks where it becomes a literal pain in the butt. Target deep cellulite pockets and fat in these areas with Velashape, a dual technology tool that is strong enough to shape and tone these trouble spots. Using radiofrequency and infrared suction-coupling Velashape heats fat cells, which helps to break them down. As the fat is melted away the body appears slimmer and more toned. Non-surgical and painless, Velashape is fantastic for both men and women who seek long-lasting results. Visit New You today to learn more about the impact of Velashape.

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