Medical Grade Peel

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Clear skin

Our professional technicians can create a specialized treatment program just for you and your skin! Medical Grade Peel Treatment – Get the fresh sun-kissed glow you have always wanted. One of the most versatile non-surgical beautifying services available today.

Peels eliminate oil locked deep inside the skin while also exfoliating. Removing old and dull surface skin to reveal a more luminous, youthful, and smooth face. Medical Grade Peels are an excellent Acne Clearing treatment and are also ideal for improving the quality and texture of aging and sun-damaged skin. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Minimizing discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

About Medical Grade peel

We have a wide range of skin peels. Which our professional consultants can help you choose from. In order to find the one that best suits your skin and your specific goals. Each client’s skin is completely unique and requires a different treatment strategy. New You’s team of skin care experts can work with you to tailor and provide the perfect Skin Care treatment. All within a peaceful, spa-like environment.

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Having perfect, glowing, and youthful looking skin is now possible with our medical grade peels!

Our Medical Grade Peels can gently exfoliate your skin, cleanse it and also clear your pores and replenish moisture. After just one treatment, you will see a noticeable improvement in the look of fine lines. As well as rough spots on the skin, scars, sun damage, dark spots, and large or clogged pores. Your skin will not only look healthy and clear, but you will also look years younger*!

Get a Specialized Treatment Program

Our professional technicians can create a specialized treatment program just for you and your skin!

We have a broad range of peels, including:

  • TCA (Trichloroacetic acid): Which is used primarily for fine lines and surface blemishes.
  • Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acid peels: Known as AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy acids, effective Acne Clearing and complexion balancing peels.
  • The Powerful Obagi Peel: Treats acne and acne scars.
  • The Green Peel: A more natural peel that contains a mixture of eight herbs all selected for unique enzymes, minerals and vitamins, the contain.

In addition to all of these amazing facial peel treatments, our clinic also offers a range of exfoliating procedures that help to reduce skin damage. Our clinic offers many different treatments, so you can custom-build a treatment plan based on your skin! In addition to the multiple facial peels, we carry treatment masks that brighten the skin. We also have detox gels that aid in the treatment of oily skin. No matter what type of skin you have, we will be able to offer you a treatment plan that will greatly improve the texture and tone of your skin. To ensure that you get the best treatment for your skin care needs. Our technicians and consultants will meet with you individually and explain all the available options. We also offer quick peels, which can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.


If you have a treatment in mind, or would like to discuss available options book a free consultation today and be on the road to the New You in no time.

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How do medical grade peels work?

A light layer of peeling solution is applied after the skin has been cleansed and degreased. From there the peel will gently eliminate the old and dying outer layer of skin. Revealing smoother, tighter skin and a more youthful appearance. Peels are done primarily on the face, neck, and hands. This is where people most commonly suffer from darks spots, lines, deeper wrinkles, and general skin imperfections. Medical grade peels are also great for improving the appearance of Acne and scarring.

How long does a treatment take?

Most peels are very quick, and have been dubbed “lunch-hour peels,” because they can be performed in less than an hour.

What kind of peel should I get?

Deciding which Medical Grade Peel is right for you is key in getting the results you desire. Meeting with a skin expert at New You is first step in selecting the right treatment. Our consultants will customize a treatment protocol based on your skin type, medical history and desired outcomes. They can also answer all your skin care questions.

Is there any downtime?

Most peel procedures require very little to no downtime at all. After a peel exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided for at least 3 days. Patients also need to cleanse and hydrate their skin in the days following their treatment to maximize results. Depending on the peels efficacy and the patient’s desires there may be minimal redness and irritation the day that you receive the peel. You may also see some minor peeling, depending on your skin sensitivity. If this occurs, it will most likely begin two to four days after the peel, and it will most likely last about three days*. Additionally, you might notice slight itching or minor irritation.

How will my skin look after the treatment?

After your treatment, your skin might look slightly red and some minor itching and irritation may occur, which is like a very mild sunburn. Some patients have reported minor swelling and inflammation of the treatment area. After 3 or 4 days, the skin that has been treated will begin to slough off. Moisturizer can help alleviate the appearance of flaking. For those wanting a more natural treatment we also offer the Green Peel a natural alternative to chemical-based peels.

How does the Green Peel work without chemicals?

Using a special blend of nutrients and vitamins, Green Peel’s particles gently scrub and polish the outer layers of skin, in a process that is called epidermis removal. Over the next 48 hours the other active ingredients included in the herbal compound are able to be deeply absorbed into the skin. After the absorption period the natural ingredients release plant hormones, vitamins, and enzymes, into the skin. Not only do these nutrients promote better, healthier skin; they also improve the circulation of blood, enhance the skin’s metabolism, and help the skin renew itself.