Lip Enhancement

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Lip Fillers Natural Enhancement formula leaves lips soft and luscious. While also enhancing and contouring them without drying out the skin or surrounding area.

When many people think of lip fillers they automatically think of overdone lip injections or “ducky lips” that look unnatural and painful. This is because fillers have gotten a bad rap over the years and garnered a reputation of looking fake.

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What Causes Thin Lips?

Lips start to thin with age  because the natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production declines. These key building blocks to skin health keep lips plump and moist from the inside out.

A decrease in collagen production usually begins in our late 20s and early 30s, but the effects may be visible at a younger age if your lips were always thin. Repetitive movement like puckering or drinking from a straw can speed up the breakdown of collagen leading to thinning lips.

Dehydration can also leave lips parched and chapped contributing to early aging. Prolonged sun exposure is also a known cause of cell degradation leading to wrinkles, fine lines, spots and aging.

Protecting the delicate skin of the lips from UV rays with an SPF lip balm can help keep lips full and plump. Drinking lots of water and eating a nutrient dense diet can help cells stay healthy and resilient preventing the early signs of aging.

How it works

Facial enhancements, especially lip augmentations need to be done by a expert who has mastered the art of facial fillers.

The fillers used for lip injections at New You are designed with Hyaluronic Acid (A naturally occurring carbohydrate in the body). The dermal filler’s Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful moisture enhancing agent. It will plump, volumize and contour by binding to and enhancing water molecules.

This natural formula leaves lips soft and luscious while also enhancing and contouring them. All without drying out the skin or the surrounding area.

Using ultra fine needles our master injectors gently fill in the lip line to reshape, enhance and mold your lips into the full pout or stylish smile you have always wanted.

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About Lip Injections

“Full”, “Pouty”, “Luscious”, “Enhanced”, and “Reshaped” are just some of the words our patients use to describe lips they want to achieve through our safe and effective lip injections.

  • While Lip Injections only Target a Small Area in the face it is Important they are proportionate and natural looking, which can only be attained by a professional.
  • Lip enhancement is quite possibly the easiest treatment to have performed poorly and the results are very noticeable.
  • Lip Augmentation is an excellent choice for women whose lips have thinned with age, or those who have had always had thinner lips.
  • Lip augmentation is also an art, and takes years of experience and knowledge to administer the treatment correctly.

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