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Avoiding handshakes, keeping your arms at your side and refraining from buying certain materials. These are some of the lengths excessive sweaters go to. In aims of trying to mitigate their hyperhidrosis. Despite excessive sweating affecting roughly 950,000 Canadians. No matter their climate or location, when it happens to you it can be an embarrassing blow to your self esteem. At New You we can treat your hyperhidrosis quickly and painlessly. Meaning you can say goodbye to sweaty palms, pit stains and damp feet, forever!

Excessive Sweating

The medical term for excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis. Sweating is usually a regular occurrence and is part of the body’s system for regulating temperature. You perspire if the weather is hot or if you’re engaged in intense physical activity. However, hyperhidrosis is abnormal sweating not caused by environmental conditions.

Excessive sweating can result in social embarrassment as well as medical issues. If you are afflicted with excessive sweating, you may often worry about body odor and clothing stains. You might even change clothes several times throughout the day or shower more frequently than typical.

Furthermore, excessive sweating can lead to skin problems, such as yeast and fungal infections. Frequent itching and rashes are not uncommon among people who suffer from excessive sweating.


Abnormal sweating can be attributed to several medical conditions. For example, Parkinson’s disease, thyroid problems, diabetes, and menopause can all cause excessive sweating. Certain medications may also cause the condition. However, many cases of hyperhidrosis have no apparent medical cause and are exacerbated by nervousness and anxiety.

Excessive sweating may be generalised or focal. Generalised hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating over all or most of the body. Conversely, focal hyperhidrosis is limited to specific body areas, such as the hands, armpits, or feet.


If your excessive sweating is not the result of an underlying medical condition, you may be concerned about the best way to resolve your perspiration problem. Some people turn to prescription-strength antiperspirants. However, these products simply mask the problem without addressing the underlying cause.

Surgical removal of certain sweat glands can be another option, but this procedure is invasive and rather drastic. Instead, many patients choose botulinum toxin type A treatments. The injections are effective and safe. The injections work by blocking the release of neurotransmitters to the sweat glands in cases of focal hyperhidrosis. In other words, the overactive sweat glands are effectively paralyzed.

The effects of botulinum toxin type A treatments for excessive sweating are long-lasting and present a convenient alternative to surgery or stopgap measures like antiperspirants. You will still be able to perspire normally in untreated areas, and you can avoid embarrassing and frustrating excessive sweating.

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For Excessive Sweating Solutions Miradry in the underarm area provides a harmless, clinically confirmed and FDA approved treatment. MiraDry uses controlled electromagnetic energy to target and disable the sweat glands in the underarm area. Eliminates the need for powerful antiperspirants and deodorants. Get your confidence back today. Book a Excessive Sweating Solutions MiraDry consult at New You!

Botulinum Toxin Type A for Hyperhidrosis

Botulinum Toxin Type A isn’t only an amazing wrinkle treatment. It can also be used to reduce production in the sweat glands. A condition often called Hyperhidrosis. Targeting more than just the underarms, Botulinum Toxin Type A for Hyperhidrosis can effectively reduce excessive sweating. Mainly on the palms, face, underarms, back, and feet. Results are immediate and long-lasting.

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