Are You Summer Ready? Sharing Our Summer Favourites With You

We will be sharing our summer favourites to get you
feeling your best this season!

New You Cosmetic Centre’s Laser Hair Removal treatment is the most amazing summer safe
service that we would highly recommend. Essential for get that summer beach body ready!

Achieve your body goals and shine bright this summer as you can easily remove any unwanted hair
with ease. When getting laser hair treatments, it’s important to practice
safe sun exposure, SPF is a must, don’t forget, we are talking laser.

Are You Summer Ready?

Here are a few tips for Laser Hair Removal First-Timers


  • Stay away from direct sunlight in the high peak hours.
  • Limit your amount of direct sun exposure.
  • When you are in the sun, be sure to not let yourself get burnt!
  • Grab a wide brimmed sun hat too!

Watch this latest video about Laser Hair Removal to Learn More.

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