Beautiful Skin Is Always In

Our customized facial experiences are the perfect way
to achieve your skincare goals.

It’s one of our summer favourites, since there are so many options available. Whether you are wanting for radiance,
needing exfoliation, improvement in skin texture or struggling with acne.

We’ve got a facial for that!


Bare your skin this summer:

Let’s find out which facial treatment would be best for you.


1. Hydrafacial:

The hydrafacial combines multiple steps into one deep-cleansing and rejuvenating procedure. It purifies the pores,
exfoliates dead skin and removes impurities. It infuses the skin with anti-oxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.


2. Medical Grade Peel:

Get the fresh sun-kissed glow you have always wanted. One of the most versatile non-surgical beautifying services
available today.


Acne Treatment

3. Acne Treatment:

A Breakthrough Acne Clearing Technology helping patients get the smooth, bright and blemish-free skin they deserve.
A dual treatment option. TheraClear treats the cause of Acne while also reducing the appearance of redness and
hyperpigmentation. The treatment is fast acting and produces a visible reduction in acne and associated redness.
This results in better-looking healthier skin.


Want to try this treatment today?


Contact one of our Participating locations and we can set you up with an appointment.

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