Bodisculpt 360 Fat Freezing Vs. Other Technologies

Why Bodisculpt 360 is the most advanced Fat Freezing
treatment available.


Freeze your fat away with the most revolutionary body sculpting treatment. There are many
fat freezing treatments currently available on the market. With so many options readily available
many people have been curious as to what makes Bodisculpt 360 so revolutionary in comparison.

In this article we will demonstrate the main differences between Bodisculpt 360 Fat Freezing versus
other available technologies.

Bodisculpt 360 Vs The Other Guys

Bodisculpt 360 Vs. The Other Guys


  • With Bodisculpt 360’s technology patients are able to have 4 areas treated simultaneously.
    Whereas with other technologies treat a single area at a time.
  • The experience of getting fat frozen with Bodisculpt is pain-free and gives the patience a
    sense of relief & relaxation. Usually with other available technologies the treatment can
    feel cold and uncomfortable.
  • Bodisculpt 360 is twice as effective in one visit. With other technologies the client is required
    to come back for multiple treatments before seeing any time of improves or results.
  • Results can be seen in as few as 15 days with Bodisculpt 360. Competing technologies can
    be seen in as long as 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Bodisculpt 360 costs half the price as our Fat Freezing competitors.
  • One thing that’s truly  special about Bodisculpting is that when you have get this treatment
    at New You Cosmetic Centres. A Treat Until Complete Results Program is offered. Where the
    other guys provide varied results with almost zero guarantee.

bodisculpt 360 vs other technologies

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