Incontinence is one of the signs of aging that is most problematic. While the condition affects millions of adults worldwide suffering from incontinence can be life altering.

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What causes Incontinence?

Bladder weakness or Incontinence happens as we age, the muscles supporting your bladder tend to weaken, which can lead to leakage.

While the condition is common in women over 50, many different health problems can also cause the condition. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and may also be a sign of cancer, kidney stones, infection, or an enlarged prostate.

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Preventing and treating Incontinence

Totally preventing incontinence may be impossible, however there are things you can do to minimize its effect on your life. Adjusting your diet or fluid intake can help reduce the amount of leakage. Practicing pelvic strengthening exercises like Kegels can help improve muscle tone and eliminate leakage.  Using absorbent undergarments or pads and taking scheduled bathroom breaks is another option as well.