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New You is the exclusive carrier of DR.CYJ Hair Filler a Hair Cell and Scalp Revitalization Treatment. The first injectable hair filler in the world, DR. CYJ Hair Filler Hair and Scalp Revitalization is an excellent alternative to an invasive hair transplant. It is also a viable treatment for a number of hair and scalp issues.

Developed by Caregen, the leader of cosmeceuticals, DR. CYJ is infused with 7 peptides, growth factors and Caregen’s unique double-layered capsulation technology, an advanced sustained skin delivery system that prolongs treatment and maximizes results. DR.CYJ Hair Filler promotes blood circulation in the scalp helping to revitalize follicles and induce new, stronger hair growth.

You are a good candidate for DR. CYJ Hair and Scalp Revitalization if:

  • You suffer from Alopecia
  • You are a man or woman suffering from general hair thinning
  • Hair transplant patients wanting to ensure hair survival
  • Alopecia patients who want to create a synergic hair treatment combining multiple anti-hair loss/ hair regrowth treatments
  • People with pattern baldness

Why We Experience Hair Loss?

Hair loss occurs in both men and women for a number of reasons. Genetics, hormones, age, childbirth, stress, and diet can all impact the delicate follicles where hair grows. As we age our hair begins to lose its density as the once healthy follicles decrease their activity. A healthy active follicle will produce 2-3 healthy strands of hair, while on the other hand, a damaged follicle may only produce 1 strand or perhaps none at all.

The Impact of Hair Loss

Whether you are a man or women loss of hair due to thinning, pattern baldness or scalp conditions can be devastating and impact your confidence. For men, hair is often associated with virility and stamina, while women often associate hair with femininity and attractiveness. Losing hair can directly impact your self-esteem which then impacts every area of your life from career to social and especially personal.

The Solution– DR. CYJ Hair Cell and Scalp Revitalization

DR. CYJ Hair Cell and Scalp Revitalization treatment was formulated with Caregen’s patented biomimetic peptides, growth factors and skin stem cells.The ingredients include:

  • Reticulated Hyaluronic Acid
  • Decapeptide- 10, 18, & 28
  • Oligopeptide- 52 & 71
  • Octapeptide- 2 & 11

How Hair Fillers Works

The first hair filler technique using hair filler, a one of its kind on the market DR. CYJ Hair Cell and Scalp Revitalization is the result of 13 years of research and development. Using the patented peptides and growth factors DR. CYJ Hair and Scalp Cell Revitalization are injected into the scalp through a very fine syringe. The active ingredients immediately begin to target and repair the follicles where hair grows. Formulated to promote blood circulation in the scalp, while revitalizing the hair follicle, DR. CYJ encourages hair growth by increasing the size of the follicle.

As part of your hair revitalization treatment ask us about Pelo Baum, also formulated by Caregen with its own set of biomimetic peptides and growth factors to further promote, encourage and reinforce hair growth.

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