The Ultimate In Hair Loss & Restoration

The Ultimate In Hair Loss & Restoration


 You may have heard of “Vampire Facials” but did you know this unique treatment works for your scalp too?
In fact, Hair Restoration is being touted as a breakthrough in the way that balding and hair loss is treated.
It provides an instant boost to your hair follicles, but is it actually effective at treating hair loss?

Let’s take a closer look at the PRP Hair Restoration technique. 

Why am I experiencing hair loss?


 The first thing we all want to know is why? Why am I losing my hair?
The truth is that there are numerous causes of thinning hair. Both male and female hair loss can be hereditary or
caused by hormonal changes. It can also be linked to a medical condition, like hypotrichosis, or certain medications.
Fortunately, it is usually just an aesthetic issue (though you should always talk to your doctor if you
experience a dramatic change).

The Ultimate In Hair Restoration

What are Hair Restoration Treatments and how do they work?


Rather than relying on medication or transplants, the Hair Restoration technique works with what you
already have. This treatment operates by injecting into your hair follicles to increase your hair density. Many people
with thinning hair only have one hair coming from a follicle. It offers a boost to each follicles’ growth potential to
create a fuller head of hair overall.

When will I start to see results from my treatment?


This treatment is highly customized. Your unique treatment plan will depend entirely on the severity of your hair loss.
As soon as you have the treatment, each follicle’s potential is immediately boosted. Right after your treatment,
you will likely notice a reduction in how much hair you shed.


As your hair goes through its normal growth cycle, you will see a gradual change in how much hair is coming from
each follicle. Patients typically opt for one session per month and see continual increases in the thickness of their hair.

What are the risks and benefits of the Hair Restoration Treatment?


The best thing about Hair Restoration treatments is that there is nothing artificial added to your body. It is considered
to be amongst the safest hair loss treatments because there is really no risk of having an allergic reaction to your own
blood. Since the only thing injected back into your scalp is blood from your own body, you only have a risk of infection
as low as you would have with a single, sterile pinprick.


Of course, the benefits of these treatments are boundless. Pushing each hair follicle to its full potential will transform
how you look. The real question is: how much would you benefit from a fuller head of hair? 

Who is the ideal candidate for hair-loss treatments?


Anyone is a potential candidate for this treatment. The best candidates, however, are those who are experiencing the
early stages of hair loss. The sooner you start your treatments, the more successful they will be.

What will my treatment be like during the appointments?


Wondering what to expect from Hair Restoration treatments? While it can look scary, it’s actually a very simple
treatment. Your blood is extracted then spun in a centrifuge. This quick process is what provides the restorative
element. With a very fine needle, this is injected into your hair follicles.

Is there a recovery period or downtime after Hair Restoration treatments?


There is no cutting involved in the process and it’s pain-free. There is no serious risk of side effects and the irritation
level is minor. After your treatments, you can continue on with your day as normal.

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