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The 5 Reasons You Should Try Fat Freezing With Bodisculpt 360

Ever wonder how to get rid of stubborn fat fast with all the
gyms being closed?


You can Freeze your fat away more fast and more efficiently than ever with the Bodisculpt 360
machine currently available at NEW YOU Cosmetic Centres. While there are many competing
technologies. None compare to the many superior benefits Bodiscupt 360 offers to it’s patient.


1. More Tissue Treated


When you Freeze your fat away with Bodisculpt 360 you are getting more value with your
purchase as more tissue is treated with 360 degree cooling technology. In face it treats more
than 69% more tissue vs. other & older technologies.

More Tissue Treated With Cooling Technology

2. Built In Pre-heating


Bodisculpt 360 utilizes built in pre-heating to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism.
This is amazing because it replaces the need for hand massage.

3. Pulsed Vacuum Massage


The machine gives a truly incredible sensation with its pulsed vacuum massage capabilities. Which brings
consistent cooling to the patient for an increased comfort. 

4. 3 Technologies In One


Bodisculpting combines three separate technologies in one for superior results.

  • Integrated Vacuum
  • Freezing
  • Infrared Light

5. Noticeable Results


We always recommend Bodisculpt 360, as it provides noticeable results after only 15 days.
Whereas with other brands it can take 8 – 12 weeks. Results even continue to improve the treatment.

Watch This Video To Learn more about Bodisculpt 360.


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