VIDEO: Amalian SF Filler Line With Dr. Mark Baily

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All About The Amalian SF Product Line With Dr. Mark Baily


Industry expert Dr. Mark Baily educates on the German made line of of fillers known as Amalian.

In this video Dr. Baily explains the key benefits of the Amalian SF product line.
The Amalian Soft Filler product line “SF” is characterized by a soft, fully hydrated texture, which can be injected
easily and without resistance. The gel distributes quickly and evenly in the injected area and immediately
produces a visible volume effect.

This filler is also highly suitable for long-lasting hand rejuvenation, which is best performed using a blunt
cannula. It is also recommended to use a blunt cannula for cheek augmentation. Amalian SF 24 advanced
is injected into the middle to deep dermis.

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