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Melt Fat, Tighten Skin, Boost Your Confidence!

Our exclusive & advanced fat freezing technology is currently #1 in Canada.
It’s the perfect treatment to help you lose weight and contour the body.
Freezing stubborn fat pockets away. Fast and Effortlessly.
Perfect for sculpting your body to beach ready this coming summer.

Melt Fat, Tighten Skin, Boost Your Confidence

Treatment Process

Our medical aesthetician Romana at the Queen Street West location treated this lovely client with our
ground-breaking Fat Freezing Treatment. We asked Romana to share her thoughts and experiences
performing Bodisculpt 360 on her clients. This is what she had to say:

Bodisculpt 360 Start To Finish

What inspired you to get started in this industry?

I’ve always been passionate about helping people. I love learning about new ways to improve my skills
and deliver the best results to my patients.

Why would you recommend Bodisculpt 360?

Bodisculpt is the perfect treatment to get immediate fat loss results with zero downtime.

How would you describe the overall patient experience
during their treatment?

This treatment allows you to get the results you desire while managing other tasks.

What do you find is the most rewarding part of the
Fat Freezing process?

I love seeing my patients happy when they start seeing their results.

How would you describe patient results after completion
of the treatment?

They start seeing weight loss results immediately after their first treatment.

What other treatments would you reccomend in combination
with Bodisculpt 360?

That’s a great question. To achieve optimal results it is recommended to combine Bodisculpt 360 with
our EMBodisculpt treatment, along with the Lipo Laser treatment. While EMBodisculpt focuses on increasing
muscle mass, the lipo laser treatment will stimulate further fat reduction.

Watch This Video To Learn more about how Fat Freezing works.

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