Build Muscle & Burn Fat? Yes Please!

EMBodisculpt is the most advanced and intensive
electric muscle stimulator.

The treatment that does it all. EMBodisculpt burns body fat, builds your muscle and
refines and tones your body to perfection. As of late people are frustrated due to their workout
routines being effected by the pandemic. Gyms are closed but that shouldn’t stop you from
achieving the healthy & fit approach during these times.

EMBodisculpt is certainly the solution you have been waiting for as 1 session of this amazing treatment
averages the equivalent of 20,000 targeted exercises in the treatment area. Focusing on either
abdomen, buttocks, arms or thighs. All of this makes it possible to achieve your fitness routine
in one of NEW YOU’s locations. The treatment is quick and effortless as you can sit back and
relax while getting a full on workout treatment!

Build Muscle & Burn Fat? Yes Please!

Watch this video to learn more about EMBodisculpt:

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