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VIDEO: Hair Restoration Procedure

Check out the latest video on our channel:
Nurse Nasrin showcases our Hair Restoration Treatment.

This is what she had to say:

” Today I am going to show you the procedure for Hair Restoration. I’m going to use the Vital
Injector machine to perform the treatment. This is a very nutrition based treatment that helps
to restore and regrow hair.”

If you are worried about hair loss. You can grow your hair back with the number one hair
filler in the world. This is a proven hair & scalp revitalization treatment.
It not only promotes blood circulation in the scalp of the patient. It also 
hair follicles.
 The end result shows that the hair will grow back 8 times stronger.
This result shows 23.9% of new hair growth in only 2 months of time.
With a huge increase in the 
thickness of the hair. At New You we have over
10 years of experience dealing with the Hair Restoration procedure.
So you can once-and-for-all say good-bye to hair loss!

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